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January 20th, 2015

CornerView – walk of my dreams

by Li+Belle

I have a lot of dreams,
and despite that I do not follow.
Mostly not.
I’ve learned that it mostly turns out differently than I planned.
And since this is very often been the case,
one day I decided
I do not plan any longer.
I dream, and what will be, will be.
Whether I pursue the dream or not.

But I have also learned that when dreams shatter,
then that makes sense.
There is a reason why the dream went away to nothing.
I understand it until later, sometimes and most.





 walk of my dreams –
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January 13th, 2015

CornerView – favorite plate

by Li+Belle

I do not have a favorite plate,
but I have favorite food that belong on a plate.
I love Indian and Italian,
Asian and Mexican.
And I love French food.
I love that food what I do not get every day.
Food that tastes to me like travel and adventure.


When I was in Tours, we visited the market halls.
It was fascinating to me.
I have spotted lots of delicious and a lots of exotic,
and when you ask me,
what I would buy, I would have bought almost all the empty hall.
(especially a lot of cheese)






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January 6th, 2015

CornerView – twinkle

by Li+Belle

I can only advise you: visit Brittany.
There you can find  wonderful motifes for every topic.

The cobwebs we have discovered in the dunes, in the early morning
when we went for a walk with Frieda.
As the sun rose, the grass sparkled like a sea full of diamonds.





 twinkle –
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January 1st, 2015

Happy New Year – and my favorite cake

by Li+Belle


2015 – a new year

I give away the old one.
And receive the new one with open arms.
What is in store for me, the new year? What I’m going to demand from it?
I have experienced a milestone birthday last year.
One from which I’m no longer young, but also not too old.
An intermediate.
There is still much to do,
but I know that I no longer manage everything, no longer experience and wipe out
what I’ve done and dreamed at a young age.
Not easy for me.
I admit it.
Time is running fast, and I want it now calling, the life.
I want more of everything.
I want spectacular, adventurous, more exciting,
I want more wealth and more feeling.
I let it go by the last year,
I let it go by my age,
It was not so easy to complete the round number.
For me
And now it is done.

This year I want more,
more photograph for you and with you,
more blogging for you and with you,
more write for you,
more travel and do more things who good for me …
and I want to tell you about it.

And first I give you my favorite cake recipe.
Very fat and very chocolaty … but very, very tasty.

200 g dark chocolate couverture
100 g pine nuts
125 g soft butter
4 eggs
100 g sugar
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
50 g flour
Powdered sugar and cocoa powder to dusting


- allow the chocolate couverture to be liquid in a water bath.
– finely chop the pine nuts
– separate the eggs
– beat the egg whites with a whisk to form a rigid and slightly shiny mass
– stir butter, sugar and  vanilla sugar creamy
– stir the egg yolks
– stir the chocolate couverture spoon by spoon
– add the pine nuts
– ridging egg whites on it
– sprinkle flour over it
– now loosely pull everything with a whisk to each other
– run the mass in the form
– bake the cake about 180 degrees 50 – 60 minutes
– leave to cool on a wire rack
and sprinkle with powdered sugar and cocoa powder



December 30th, 2014


by Li+Belle

The crunch of snow
when you walk over it,
and the silence of the forest,
each noise swallowed by the white magic powder
– these are two of the lucky maker par excellence.












December 21st, 2014

Christmas market

by Li+Belle

At last, yesterday we managed to stroll through the Christmas market in Ratisbon.
I like being in the city.
She is old and the houses are close together.
Around this time, it quickly becomes dark and it is decorated throughout festive.
It shines and sparkles at every turn.
At the Christmas market, we always eat (every year) a grilled sausage wrapped in a bun, topped with spicy mustard.
For this purpose, a mulled wine.
And after we are gone another round, we still eat a fresh hot crepe filled with Nutella.

This year we photographed the Christmas market from above.
It looks very small.
But do not be fooled, there are many, many people here.

At the end we were yesterday still in the cinema.
We wanted to watch a German, Christmassy, funny, tears touching love story.
And it was then, German, Christmas, funny and touching tears.
Oh and by the love of course also occurred.












December 19th, 2014

morning walk

by Li+Belle

Today I have a day off. The work rested and I as well.
Luckily for me there was sunshine in the morning
and Frieda and I walked a long while over the fields and through the woods.
Turned the face to the sun and eyes closed,
fresh, lukewarm air breathed
and found peace.
It feels like spring and not, as of December and a few days before Christmas.
But so what?













December 2nd, 2014

CornerView – open doors

by Li+Belle

Open doors for friends and family …
I like the winter time very much
when everything is cozy and bathed in warm light.
When the incense smell goes through the rooms
and the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies.
I also like the summer time
when friends and family are to visit
and all the windows are open.
When the birds are chirping
and you can hear the voices of the neighbors.
And mild wind fills the curtains.
I like it when friends come to visit,
when the house is filled with laughter,
clattering cutlery and wine glasses
and good entertainment.
Sometimes …
because I like the quiet also
and the sound oft the simple ticking of the kitchen clock.


This is the front door.
You are welcome if you come in.


Living room with open door for cozy evenings on the couch.


And the entrance to the kitchen.
The door I’ve changed many years ago against a blue beaded curtain.
Currently we are baking a lot and lit the candles on the Advent wreath.




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November 25th, 2014

CornerView – one color

by Li+Belle

A great photograph is one that fully expresses
what one feels, in the deepest sense,
about what is being photographed.

Ansel Adams


Black /white photography is something I want to dominate.
Because on a black/white picture you limit yourself to the most important, the most necessary.
Too much should not there be, and yet must be able to lose it.


 – one color –
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November 18th, 2014

CornerView – one song

by Li+Belle


As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I’ve known proves that it’s right
Because you’re mine, I walk the line

Johnny Cash

I admit it, my English is very, very lousy. Last Saturday I went to the friend of a friend, I had to pick up something. It was not far, but I went this route for the first time. And I crossed a wonderful, late autumn forest. The leaves had already fallen in part, and the rest who still clung to the trees, was a little yellow and mostly brown. A gorgeous brown, a warm brown, one in which you would like to place and rest.
I could not resist, I had to stop, get out and take pictures. It smelled lovely – do you know what reminds me of the smell of autum? – the smell of wood pencils, which I used in school. Stained or pencil, no matter, the main thing they were made of wood.
And it was quiet. Very quiet. Most birds are gone – to the south. And the few that are still left, here and there rustled the leaves. There was no wind … it was just silent.

When I went back to the car, I stood in the middle of the road, just on one of those white markings, and then I remembered the song “walk the line” of Johnny Cash. And now I close the circle to my first sentence of this long textes – after I was back at home and had considered and prepared the pictures  for the blog, I searched the internet for a translation lyrics of walk the line. And this resulted in a completely different sense, as I have translated it into German.

Now I know though, as it is, but for me the song will always have something to do with a road on which marks it pays to walk. Because that means the word for word translation into German.






Later, I made myself comfortable. As cozy as you made it in the late fall when it is cool outside and is rapidly dark. I cooked a cup of coffee and ate a lemon cake. And reading a book of my favorite author … and indeed of a road. John Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row”, the road that tells of the life of casual workers, scoundrels, whores and queers.


 one song –
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