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June 29th, 2011

Walk through the district of Friedrichshain / Berlin

June 27th, 2011

MondayTrip – Sanssouci


Before we got on our trip to Berlin, we took a trip to Palace Sanssouci.
In Bavaria there are numerous castles, but I’ve never seen one that is as huge as Sanssouci Palace.
Even the gardens are huge and it took six hours until we had seen a part of it.
In the next few weeks so there is a glimpse of Sanssouci Palace. :)

The following pictures show the main palace and the kitchen of palace.



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June 26th, 2011

Street festival in Ratisbon

June 25th, 2011

an exhibition and a demolished car

During our trip to Berlin, we visited two photo exhibitions.
The first Exhibition displays photographs by Fritz Eschen (1900 – 1964),
a brilliant observer and photographer of the postwar period.
The photographs in this exhibition show the time after the World War II, when Berlin was in ruins.
They show removal of the debris and rebuilding, survivors, artists, strollers, lovers and children especially.
They show the misery, but also the life “after”.

Impressive and superb photographs in black / white.


All photographs by Fritz Eschen.


And the exhibition is to be found:

c/o Berlin
(altes Postfuhramt)
Oranienburger Strasse 35/36
10117 Berlin

You can’t miss it, before the building there is an exhibit, an overturned car.


June 24th, 2011

this moment

we love Amanda’s this moment on fridays.
a single photo – no words – we pause and remember
what was our favorite moment of the week.
June 22nd, 2011

Corner View – positiv tought for bad moments

Lying in a meadow
and look at the sky,
imagine to travel,
to experience adventure
that makes bad moments to good moments.
More positiv tought for bad moments – posts all over the world can be found by Francesca of FuoriBorgo.
June 19th, 2011

Best Of Week – chill out


In the last week Li had not time to make photos and so … these photos are only of Belle. (;
Have fun with the photos and enjoy!





June 17th, 2011

A birthday dinner


Last weekend was my mother’s birthday and we visited a restaurant:
the “Wittelsbacher Hof  in Kelheim.
A hotel and a restaurant.
The food was very good, next to Bavarian dishes there was also, for example, Italian dishes and a few others.


an appetizer

or a Bavarian dark beer

bread with goat cheese baked and with honey refined

Tagliatelle with spinach and cheese baked

roast pork with crackling and bread dumplings

Steak with roasted potatoes and with cheese baked

Spaetzle with mushroom stew

Chocolate ice cream for Belle

and to finish an espresso macchiato

June 15th, 2011

we are on the road again


Lomography with an old RussianLC-A camera and a Minitar objective. The camera is fun, small and easy to use.
 The photos are from the year 2001 when I have spent with two friends a funny weekend in Berlin.

Now we are both in Berlin. Let’s see what we discover everything.



June 13th, 2011

Monday Trip 17 – Cadaqués


After hiking in the Pyrenees, I made – before it went home towards exams – a side trip to Cadaqués and Figueres.
Both places were known by Dali –
he lived in Cadaqués for a time and in Figueres he created a museum.
Must see if one is nearby!


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