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August 31st, 2011

Corner View – change

We have long been dissatisfied with our old homepage. We didn’t like the colors or the appearance, even the small pictures.
Conclusion was that we have neglected the old site, we do not care about and the issues not filled with photos.
We have thought carefully about whether we can afford a new home should, but then, Nicole – our friend – said: Come, I design a beautiful website for you, and a pretty logo at that.

The logo you have learned already know – it is our name, when it was composed and read in German.
A dragonfly = Libelle in German.

Now, finally, our new, very nice (isn’t it? 😉 ) site goes to the start.
New colors, simple design and filled with many, many photographs.
We invite you to look at our new website and look forward to hear if you so like it how we like it.

What our homepage with the theme of change has to be done? It has a lot to do!!!
We now proceed with new ideas and a great pleasure and fun to the shooting, for us, for you and all of our readers.
Each change brings new life, new impulse – every change, whether big or small has the individual meaning. For us a big one.

But see for yourself …



More change – posts all over the world can be found by Francesca of FuoriBorgo.


Tomorrow we are back on the road … on the flight. A new destination, a new city, which it says explore.
And Elsa – we are delighted! We’ll see you soon.


August 29th, 2011

MondayTrip – Irland Part III – Aran Island

Today I take you one last time to Ireland.
This time we visit Inishmore, the largest island of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland.
The island is 14km long and 3km wide. From Galway we took a speedboat over the lake on the tranquil island.
There is not much on Inishmore.
Those who expect a major city, is wrong. There are a lot of solitude, tranquility, lots of wind, lots of green. And there are some pre-Christian sites, you can visit, and the 100m steep limestone cliffs.
The sea roars, the wind blows strong and it’s just a gigantic spectacle.
On the Aran Iceland I stayed one day and one night, I’m not driven bicycle (such as relaxing), but I made a long trek across the island.

The stone fences to protect the hard-landscaped gardens before the rainy sponges, and they are found everywhere on the island.


The black / white photos remind me a little of the early days of the 20th Century. I can well imagine how it has used to live here: sparse and a life full of hard work.


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August 27th, 2011

under water

The last week was wonderful and hot summer weather, as we might wish since mid-June. We spent the days in the pool,
swam, jumped and slid, have read, eat chips and always enjoyed the cool water.

Do you know those vacation days at the pool, if you’re lazy?
When one is very tired from the sun and the many swimming?
If soft rustle of the leaves of the trees? And the sun’s rays sparkle?
If the scent of sunscreen and chlorine water blowing around the nose?
If you drive at night in the car and can open all the windows because the air is still so warm.
If you listen to music and blow the hair in the wind? If it smells, smells like hot summer nights?
When the thoughts come and go and we no longer hold them?
And if for one minute to infinity is?

This is happiness, right?

August 26th, 2011

this moment


August 22nd, 2011

MondayTrip – Irland Part II – Connemara

With the bus I drove about 2 – 3 hours across the island (everything was very flat, green and clear:)) and got out in the small town of Galway.
Unfortunately I have no pictures of Galway, but the city is welcoming, there are many small shops, where you can shop to your heart’s content, there are many dogs :), and many cozy pubs.
With a bike, I broke up for two weeks to explore the Connemara region. Connemara consists primarily of heath and moorland, to the mountains in the north Connemara I did not come.
It went through tiny villages, along the rivers and lakes and castles, which had been converted into luxury hotels.
Sometimes I slept in a tent, or in Bed & Breakfast – very convenient. You mustn’t pre-book anything, you just knock on the door and asked whether a room is free.


One aim, among other things was that Roundstone village, a popular tourist destination with many craft shops.




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August 20th, 2011

Summer days and the gold of Bavaria



August 19th, 2011

this moment

August 17th, 2011

What we love in the third week of the holidays

strong coffee in the morning


luscious chocolate cake in the afternoon

sunny moments


newly discovered reading newspaper

to watch  the wonderful pictures of our dad / grandfather on his blog
my view out in the world

August 15th, 2011

MondayTrip – Ireland Part I – Wicklow Mountains

In 1995 I was traveling as a backpacker in Ireland. Please forgive me if I did not quite manage to map the photos to the right place, 1995 was long ago. At that time I was thrilled with the idea to take a two-week bicycle tour of Ireland. To brave the rain and the many free-roaming dogs. I slept in a tent, in youth hostels and friendly Bed & Breakfast with an Irish breakfast (baked beans, fried tomatoes and sausage, scrambled eggs, homemade marmalade and Irish black tea). The scenery is fantastic, green, slightly hilly, and many small picturesque villages. The weather was (I had feared another) well most of the time, no rain, but lots of wind and sunshine. There are many historical sites, parks and isolated areas.
Conclusion: Ireland is very, very nice – but I will never do again in my life is a two-week tour by bicycle. I like to bike, but not two weeks – only. To move with the bike is to create a certain distance each day. No detours to take, or to make excursions, which are further away. And that’s sad. I’ve seen too little of Ireland. At some point I will be visiting Ireland again in all the places I have not seen.


The journey began in the Wicklow Mountains on the east coast of Ireland, a few miles south of Dublin. This area was full of flowering trees, lush grassy hills and old farms. The journey began in the Wicklow Mountains on the east coast of Ireland, a few miles south of Dublin. This area was full of flowering trees, lush grassy hills and old farms. Here I stayed a few days at a campsite, where I had rented a camper. In the evening the neighborhood children, knocked on the door to inspect the tourists. :)



Then we took the bus from the east coast to west coast of Ireland to visit the Connemara area and the small town of Galway. The dark beer and the juicy steak or the fried salmon were delicious evening meals.
In Ireland, it romps in sheep. Sheep can be seen everywhere, even on the bus ride.


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August 13th, 2011

the old cemetery