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December 31st, 2011

What will the new year? Or what teaches us the old year?

Attention – a long word post!!! 😉

At the beginning of a new year, or rather, the end of an old year, I have the tic to read my horoscope for the next year .
I just don’t read one horoscope, I read all I can get my hands on.
I read very carefully, I see and I finally pull out the best in all horoscopes,
which I would like to see next year that it might be fulfilled.

My horoscopes have previously been told never bad things in recent years:
Success will come,
love comes in the quick step,
I’m spoiled by money and great trips
-> I’m already a great sign of the stars. 😉

Hmm, I can’t say that this would really come true.
Nevertheless, I read at the end of each year the horoscope for next year.
How do you do it? Do you read horoscopes?

Sometimes I imagine that next year the most amazing things happen.
And my wishes in this respect seem to me infinitely.
It starts small and ends in the large.
Do you take a lot of plans for the new year?
Are you the type of person who takes his fortune and his life in his hand?
Or you are one of the others who wait, what happened?

I’ve been always made the most difficult things for the new year:
save money hard,
to get my dream weight,
very healthy food,
lots of sports …

This year I’m taking less before – the past has taught me :).

This year I want to:
– to be more creative
– shoot more analog -> at least one film per month
– when I photograph digitally, then I will try in RAW format
– to learn and apply the new photo editing program
– shoot more people, people in everyday life, people at work, in the family, two, three, four  … in particular moments
(if you’re interested, then mail me:

And I want to enjoy more moments and feel more calm.


We wish you all a happy new year … thank you for all your comments, for your inspiration, for your friendship.



December 29th, 2011

Review 2011


Thus, a review of the past year is quite interesting.
You will not believe what you forget in the course of everything you have done and experienced.
I did a little digging into our images and reminds me.
Was it a good year? Sometimes, but not always.
It was sometimes boring, sometimes frustrating.
But most of 2011 was exciting for both of us, interesting and exciting.
How was your year?
Looks like you back, or are you glad it is finally over?

A brief review of our year 2011.



In January, we traveled for a few days in the Alps.
The weather was brilliant: sunshine, blue skies, lots and lots of snow and much cold.
It was glorious to hike through the snowy woods and visit the Königsee.



The days are getting longer, but felt at the moment, as if time stood still.
Everyday life … and nothing else.



Ski camp for Belle
Ski camp is one of the highlights that we experienced here in Bavaria at the school.
I think Belle had much fun in Austria and (very important) she had learned to ski.



Five days short trip to the Baltic Sea. It was pure relaxation. The weather was beautiful, but cold.
We have spent much time at sea, have made ​​long walks, visited the Chalk Cliffs of the island Rügen
and made ​​a boat trip on the Baltic Sea.
Read a lot and slept well.



My girl = 13 years old.
So fast.
Too fast.



In the Pentecost, we traveled to Berlin for a week and visited our friend Nicole in Wolfsburg.
We have seen a lot this week –
in Berlin, we visited two photo exhibitions, and a Dali exhibition.
The TV Tower, the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust memorial, a boat trip on the Spree,
and much more.
In Wolfsburg, we have let our well …
We know our friend for some years, but only by mail.
And it was the first time that we met live.

Wolfsburg at night

One of the many bridges over the Spree in Berlin



Enjoy the summer.



Summer holiday for Belle
For a few days Belle went to her aunt  in Bayreuth,
and a few days we visited together our grandfather / great grandfather in Chemnitz.
We strolled through the market and bought fruit, we drove to the Erzgebirge and ate delicious home cooking.
We had a lot of fun.



In September, shortly before our vacation ended, we did our best trip this year.
We flew to Paris for a week.
What can I say? Paris is a dream …
But another highlight was the day trip to Tours to Elsa.
A charming and beautiful day.
I would have liked to stay longer.





The first days are behind us with Frieda.
Frieda is a habit with us, and we got used to Frieda.
I doubt that Frieda is a big dog to evaporated into nothingness.
Frieda is great – truly – but I’ve never experienced such a cuddly dog, as Frieda.
She loves to play and great to run, but she loves to cuddle and to snuggle and just be with us.
Frieda enriches our lives every day.



In November, the everyday life began to spread.
School, learning, work, household.
The autumn weather was relatively good and most importantly.
There was a lot of colorful foliage and lots of pretty toadstools.



The 80th Birthday of our grandfathers / great-grandfather.
I am always thrilled to have a grandpa who sees his grandchildren grow up, who is very physically fit and mentally well.
And he has a good sense of humor.
And I think, who an 80th Birthday achieved – in good condition – may celebrate extensively.
And we have done. The whole family
– children’s grandfather, grandfathers siblings, grandfathers grandson –
and met together in a hotel in the Erzgebirge.
The evening was long, funny and full of stories.

How was your year?


December 27th, 2011

On the morning after Christmas

Every year on the day after Christmas the whole family go together  to lunch: duck with dumplings and red cabbage.
Before eating, we walk every year.
This year we were very lucky.
Since it was raining in the valley and the weather was cloudy, we drove to the  Fichtelgebirge.
And there it had snowed a lot.
We walked around a lake in the cold air that was really hungry at lunch.
The walk took about an hour before we arrived at the restaurant.

How was your christmas?


December 24th, 2011

Merry Christmas …


Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive



December 23rd, 2011

Christmas post


Dear Elsa,

love, love thanks for your Christmas package. Our joy was huge …

the best – always :)

Guys, I’m French cook, and I’ll show you what comes of it …
probably the view of the meals do not agree with the view from the book. :)

So beautiful!

So sweet!




Dear Svea,

Many, many thanks for your package. We were very, very happy.
The silhouette is beautiful – graceful and … a camera – suitable for Li + Belle. :)
And the card with the dog looks perfect like our Frieda, black, yellow eyes and long ears.


Dear Mandy,

Many thanks for your package. We were happy every day about new mail.
The chocolate is still eaten on Christmas weekend – it looks delicious.
And the card with the fox is absolutely cute.


Dear Dorte,

Post from the warm south. Many, many thanks.
We were so pleased. Felices Fiestas – that we will have.



Many, many thanks to all of you have thought of us.


December 20th, 2011

Corner View – seasonal


That wind I used to hear it swelling

That wind I used to hear it swelling
With joy divinely deep
You might have seen my hot tears welling
But rapture made me weep

I used to love on winter nights
To lie and dream alone
Of all the hopes and real delights
my early years had know

And oh above the rest of those
That coming time should (bear)
Like heaven’s own glorious stars they rose
Still beaming bright and fair.

Emily Bronte



– seasonal
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December 19th, 2011

Paris in black and white



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December 16th, 2011

A bat or a dog?


I guess someone could not decide between a bat and a dog.
What do you think?


December 14th, 2011

CornerView – lonely :: together









– lonely :: together
more posts all over the world can be found by Francesca of FuoriBorgo.

December 12th, 2011

MondayTrip – Bavarian Forest National Park


I want to show you photos of a hike through the Bavarian forest, during a rainy day in summer.
The National Park is about 100 km long and runs along border of Czech and Bohemian Forest.
There are many walks through the park,
we took a walk to Rieslochfälle (the ream hole cases), the longest waterfall in the Bavarian Forest.
The park includes areas with dense jungle (very rare in Germany), many small lakes and bogs.
In the park many animals live in the wild: wild boar, fox, marten, raccoon, wild cat, deer and bobcats.


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