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January 29th, 2012

MondayTrip – Lake Garda

This year we wanted to travel to the Lake Garda.
But I think a holiday on Lake Garda will be a bit difficult with a dog.
Ever holidays with dog is not easy.
Dogs are often not desirable.

Or is it just me?
What do you think?
What are you doing with your dogs when you are traveling on vacation?
Take him with you?

It could be a small problem. But for most problems there are solutions.
Have you made ​​good experience with traveling with a dog?

Our dream goals are the mountains – and the other is the sea/the great ocean.
You know nice places within Europe,
which can be reached by car and on which a dog is not a problem?

Am I the only one who wants to have their dog with them while traveling?
I would like to share my vacation experience with Frieda,
because Frieda is a part of the family.


I miss him so much.


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January 27th, 2012

my girls



January 25th, 2012

Corner View – January


I live in Bavaria in an area pretty well, but not so haunted by tourists, such as the Alpine country.
Skiers in our area do not cover their costs, they need only two – three hours drive by car,
until they are in one of the popular ski resorts.
Since I still live on countryside, it is just in the winter months very, very quiet – almost alone in the fresh air.
A few old people who dare their daily walk,
and a few dog owners who must get out, whether they like it or not.
The rest stays at home and warmed up for the summer.
If I’m lucky, there is much snow as last year,
this year we are fortunate not minded, it’s snowing and raining two hours off the entire snow.
So these photos are a stroke of luck –
I would have walked only a short time later, the pictures would show brown fields and rain in torrents.
If, however, leaves us the happiness of approaching spring entirely,
then it begins to snow in March really strong.
(Then I’m not happy and stay home and warm myself for the summer.)

Happy corner view day!

– January
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January 23rd, 2012

MondayTrip – Castle Randeck

I need a little moment in the summer. A little sun, a little green nature.
Your not?

I’ll show you pictures from last year.
I have visited the castle Randeck at a very warm summer day.
And I was up on a family alone. Probably all of them were in the pool.
Randeck castle – the name is deceptive.
The castle Randeck  is not a castle more, it is a ruin of a tower, you can climb. And should be.
For the views of the Altmühltal is beautiful.
There is no leadership, and the admission is minimal (1-2 €).
And to be able to enter the ruins, you have to press a bell and wait.
Until the wife comes from a family home nearby, and one unlocked the door to the ruins.
There is not much to look at the castle.
Besides just the view, and one or two picnic areas.
And yet I can recommend it to anyone.
It’s a lovely place.

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January 20th, 2012

at the window


January 18th, 2012

corner view – black and white


Some sky will look more dramatic in black & white.
Happy day to you!


– black & white
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January 13th, 2012

Now …

This morning I have complained winter without snow
and now it looks like:

January 13th, 2012

winter without snow


Although the south of Bavaria, was blessed by many snowfalls, with us it’s not snowing an inch.
It rains a lot, it’s much storm and it’s cold, but there is no snow.
What is the weather with you?
Sorry, I know who talks about the weather, has not much to say. :)
Maybe this week flew by, the work, the household, the school … the same every day.



January 11th, 2012

CornerView – ring out the old, ring in the new

With an analogue photography (the good old school) into the new year.
And implemented a project equal, more analogue photography this year.

It is not easy adjust the sharpness in analog photography.
Through the lens, it always looks sharp, rare in the developed images.

– ring out the old, ring in the new
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January 8th, 2012

MondayTrip – Paris in film


Paris is full of beauty, full of motifs. But time was too short for us to discover everything worth seeing.

When traveling, I always imagine how people live in another city or another country, how their homes look ,
what hobbies and what friends they have, which childhood and which youth they had.
For example, people who live up there on the top floor with the red blinds – What life do they lead?
Or who owns the dog? What is the name he has and why he is running alone through the streets?
Or how is life with a small bookshop in central Paris?
What people visit the store, what they do,
who is the owner of the shop and likes he to work in his shop?

Many ways, many resumes.

I’m curious?
Maybe? Or maybe not?
I like to hear stories, I like to experience stories, I like think up stories.

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