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February 29th, 2012

Corner View – “…”

 So it looked like a week ago – snow white and cold, but it only seems so.
It was early in the morning and after the sun has warmed up, it was a warm spring day.
But the sight of the frost-covered landscape was beautiful.
I wouldn’t miss it.

This morning at half past seven (a week later) I took a walk with Frieda.
It was already light (!) and the birds were chirping.
This is the best ever. Think not?
At last the silence disappears, when all the birds come home and sing their morning songs again.
I love this early time – if you’re lying in bed, awakened with the open window and the sound of birds.
Is it better?


– “…”
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February 26th, 2012

MondayTrip – Poland


When I was very young
– no, I’m not too old, but I think as young as you are only one to feel infinite freedom –
I traveled with friends to Poland.
Two weeks ago we were traveling with our lemon-yellow Opel Ascona ( The car was built in 1975 – and a wonderful old thing!).
We camped in the wilderness or sleeping in the car,
we drove through the night
and the heat of the day we spent in the countryside surrounded by fields.
We bought what we needed for the moment,
we ate and drank what was at hand.
Our journey began in the south of Poland, Zakopane,  guided us through Krakow (a very nice old town),
via Warsaw to the Mazury and from there to the Baltic Sea.
In memory remained
the wet grass in the morning,
the fragrant hay in the open car window,
the hair in the wind,
the bumpy roads,
the chirping of crickets,
the rest of the Masurian Lakes,
the spaghetti with tomato sauce every night on the camp stove,
the storks in their nests,
and the sound of waves on the Baltic Sea.

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February 24th, 2012

this moment






February 21st, 2012

Last Saturday

Last Saturday we visited our friends.
They live near a ruined castle.
Documented the castle is first mentioned in the year 983, and it was destroyed in the Thirty Years’ War.


It did not rain, it was not very cold, but very wet because of melting snow
– and we had wet feet after a short time (such as human and dog).
So we earned a delicious dinner after the long walk :
First there was cannelloni stuffed with vegetables,
salad with goat cheese and fresh raspberry sauce (to die for!)
and the conclusion was tiramisu
and we played three hours the game: Carcassonne.
You know the game?

February 20th, 2012

MondayTrip – Florence


Before I went to Tuscany, I stayed a few nights in Florence.
Florence is a beautiful Italian city where the art is at home.
Great artists like Micheangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci stayed in the city – and that’s still to be seen and felt.
Me aave impressed the many sculptures that are dotted around the city,
the old houses on the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge over the Arno,
the view from the Campanile on the town in the evening hours.
I visited the Boboli Gardens, which belong to the Palazzo Pitti, the Palazzo of the Medici.
And the view from Piazzale Micheangelo did during the sunset.
And of course I have thrilled the small Italian restaurants that exist in the side street of the city
which aren’t populated by tourists.


Over the rooftops of the city.

Florence in the morning light and the view down from the Campanile.

The exterior of the Ponte Vecchio.

A part of the Uffizi.

The view over the rooftops of the city and the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore.

The view from the Piazzale Micheangelo.


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February 15th, 2012

corner view – my corner on Sunday


I don’t know the subject of today’s corner view.
So I show you a view to our corner and to our last Sunday.
There was much snow, the sun was shining and it was freezing.
Nevertheless, we walked with Frieda.
Our dog likes the snow.
Frieda romps and plays, runs and eats snow.
She loves it when the snow whirls, and when she can chew her – with snow and ice covered – toy.
Later, we met a little friend of Frieda. It was very funny to watch them.

February 13th, 2012

MondayTrip – Austria II

Near the border with Italy are the Krimmler Waterfalls.
Although there are a lot of tourism in the area, the waterfalls are magnificent to watch.
358m high, and right next to the falls a path leads through the forest.


The view of the Grossglockner – Austria’s highest mountain, no of course we don’t climbed on foot :).
No more so than the Pasterze – the 9 km long glacier located below the Grossglockner.
We are driven the Glockner –  High Alpine Road,
which offers a grand landscape view in all directions.

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February 10th, 2012

this moment



February 8th, 2012

Saturday with friends


 The last Saturday we spent with friends, we meet us one or twice times in the month.
And that’s always a highlight. We often spend many hours together.
So this time we have together drank coffee,
ate delicious coconut cakes,
were walking almost two hours in the snow with Frieda,
experienced a bitter cold but brilliant sunset,
drank the warm-hot tea with lemon
and ate tasty cauliflower curry with rice.


February 6th, 2012

MondayTrip – Austria I

In our first holiday together (my daughter was about 1 1/2 years old) we went to Austria.
Austria is not far from Bavaria and we have chosen a resort just across the border near Zell am See.
It was always nice weather so that we could do a lot.
Although my daughter was very young, I went hiking with her​​.
Since you can’t hike with the stroller (at least not with the baby carriages over almost 14 years), I had brought a carrying of the child.
We have hiked in the mountains even quite high.
I’m not very athletic and I like to lie on the beach, to swim or to take a stroll through a city.
But the view can be enjoyed in the mountains is always a long walk and a lot of effort worth it.
Isn’t it?



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