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May 31st, 2012

Frieda rocks

I want to show you something. A very cool image.

There is no music on the headphones!

May 29th, 2012

Roll film from March / April


May 28th, 2012

Last … in the evening



Sorry, no time now for the MondayTrip.
Then next Monday than an extra long post about Chile for you.

And don’t forget!:
Have a look at Menthe Blanche and her great, relaxing afternoon on the Loire.

May 26th, 2012

Craft it forward

Some time ago I took part in Craft it forward by Indra and I got a beautiful handmade by her.
I was really pleased with the pictures, the cute bookmark and postcards.
This will all get an extra space in my living room
– and the cards, no, guys, I will not ship. I’m going to hang on my wall.

Now it’s my turn to send something handmade by me.
So, who wants to?
The first five comments will receive a gift from me
– of course you have to post it and then send a craft to the next five who commen.

As long as it is handmade by you
and you send your handmade until end of 2012.

It’s fun to get a gift and send something handmade.
Would you like to join?





May 23rd, 2012

CornerView – in the sky

In the sky – there are often many clouds, beautiful colors and sometimes the infinity.

– in the sky
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May 21st, 2012

MondayTrip – Chile III

The next day trip in the desert, which we saw via Jeep
– the Jeep is a great means of transportation to travel the dirt roads.
First we went to the Salar de Atacama.
The salt lake is located near the Bolivian border.
40,000 years ago, the sea covered the whole valley,
now he has a size of 100 km in length and 50 km wide.
The salt lake is surrounded by a volcanic series, one of the most famous volcanoes is the volcano Licancabur (5920 high and inactive).
The view on the salt lake is huge, wide and full of color.
And indeed, full of salt – I’ve tasted in a stone, I can testify. :)

We visited the famous Laguna Chaxa.
A lagoon that is the home for many nesting flamingos.
Chilean flamingos are usually white / black, but under the wing they are pink.
Pink, because they feed on algae with a specific dye.
I seem to remember the incredible silence. Only the whistling of the wind could be heard.

Occasionally we passed small oases. Alpacas and guanacos live there, mostly belonging to the farmers and their paths to walk without fencing.
In the afternoon we visited a place (I don’t know the name anymore), which lavastone is mined with dynamite.
The workers hewed blocks by hand from the stone. So they built their houses.

Where is he going? 😉

And in the evening, after we eat at our favorite pub with Maria, we went once more to admire in the Valle de la Luna, to the gigantic sunset.
We walked over huge sand dunes. There was a strong wind, sand swirled through the air and stung like needle pricks in the skin.


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May 18th, 2012

where I live – four


Inspired by a theme of Elsa for our Corner View
Francesca called a point slightly from our corner.
This week there is to see: windows
– then the next: pavements.


May 16th, 2012

Corner View – at my feet


Under my feet are often flowers, grass, dirt roads and sometimes paved roads.


– at my feet
more posts all over the world can be found by Francesca of FuoriBorgo.


May 14th, 2012

MondayTrip – Chile II


After three days in Santiago de Chile, I left the capital by plane. The flight itself was probably not so bad, because I do not remember.
BUT I remind me of the landing. No country was shown, only far and wide of the Pacific, as the flight began to land. And just before it “fell into the water”, next to a cliff, began the runway.
It was scary, you can believe me.

From the airport I was picked up by a Chilean named Luis. He spoke no English and I did not speak Spanish
(it is the best way to visit a country whose language you do not speak 😉 ),
but we got along well without words.
He stopped sometimes on the way to San Pedro de Atacama at viewpoints that allowed a spectacular view over the vast country.

San Pedro de Atacama is a desert oasis, about 2440 meters above sea level, with about 4000 inhabitants.
The houses are made ​​of mud and plastered with a mixture of tree resin, water and dust. They have no windows.
The church in San Pedro de Atacama is one of the oldest in Chile and its roof was constructed strains of cactus.

In San Pedro de Atacama I came in a hosteria. A wonderful place with a swimming pool, nice people, adequate breakfast and –
funnily the current was switched off at night, so Ihad to make use of the candle, when I wanted to go to the bathroom at night. Very romantic.

In the hosteria I met Maria, a young Chilean woman who would be my tour guide in the desert.
She spoke English and we immediately went into a pub in the evening,
which offered fantastic Chilean food , as well as delicious Pisco Sour.
Pisco =  grape brandy, mixed with lime juice, sugar syrup, ice and egg clear.

The restaurant was very pretty, I remember in the walls were embedded bottles, so there were colorful lights inside.
And they were playing the “Dead Kennedys”.

The next day we planned a hike – which Mary described as a easy trekking. I was not a great hiker and had no practice.
The tour lasted 6 1/2 hours amid extreme heat. I can tell you, I was dog-tired in the evening. But it was beautiful!

We wandered through the Valle de Luna (Moon Valley), which reminded me of the Marlboro advertising in the cinema.
We traveled with a local resident leader who tells us much about the area. First, the path led us past farms – the farmers hadn’t very many devices, allowing them to work easier.
They made everything themselves by hand. Then it was acting on an infinite plane in which there was to see a few skeletons. The skeletons were dead goats, alpacas, horses – whatever breed the farmers.
The farmers let their animals run  when approaching their end of life, and the animals go to die in the desert.

The desert itself consists of a lot of salt, the cracks all the time like a car engine cools. Do you know the sound?

In the desert (the highest desert in the world!) there is only a little bit of life. No trees! There are thorny shrubs. Desert fox, desert rats, owls, bats and a kind of eagle.
And salt, lots of salt. And arsenic, lithium and copper (which have already reduced the Indians in times before Christ).

On the slopes there are deep caves, and we passed a crater 40 meters deep, is stamped a meteorite into the wrong times.
Even today, one should not bend too far over the hole, because toxic fumes escape..


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May 11th, 2012

where I live – three

Inspired by a theme of Elsa for our Corner View
Francesca called a point slightly from our corner.
This week there is to see: walls
– then the next: windows.

There is a wall in my village, that I especially like.
This wall – or rather, that written word – has been around a long while.
I do not know who wrote it, and why it will not be painted over.
But I would like to know the history behind the phrase.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Manuela, I love only you.