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September 29th, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!


I love the old photos of my dad.
So much time has passed, so much he has seen and lived the life.
And it fascinates me to watch, as I get older,
I’m more similar to my dad.

September 26th, 2012

CornerView – “oh my, … this is horrible!”


oh my, the summer is gone … this is horrible!


– “oh my, … this is horrible!”
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September 23rd, 2012



After our long hike to the monastery Andechs we enjoyed a swim in the Ammersee.
The water was pleasant, not too hot, not too cold and in the distance we had a view of the Alps.

September 21st, 2012

young people

Young people can be something very special.
They must find their way in the adult world. And that is not always easy.
The moods go mountain and valley,
the feelings fluctuate be exhilarated and very, very sad.
Suddenly, the calendar is packed with parties, with visits from friends, with shopping trips through Ratisbon.
It will giggled, laughed, enjoyed, yelled, cried and kicked angrily against a stone.
And suddenly my little girl is a young woman – the time has passed like a blink of the eye.
It’s life, and how it should be.

Belle and her best friend.




September 19th, 2012

CornerView – time for myself

Since the beginning of this year I have new working hours and with this much less time for me. I think many women will experience a similar fate.
The work, the child (ren), the household. The day starts early in the morning and ends in the evening when it is already dark.
The time flies by, and in the evening we sink wearily into bed.
I feel not bad. I’m actually very happy about the new working hours. I enjoy spending time with my kid and with Frieda.
Only the household … if not be.
Sometimes I have a little time for myself. Then I read, I walk with Frieda, I photograph.
What do you do in the time for you?


Currently my camera is broken and in the repair. And I do not feel good. Very lonely.


– time of myself
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September 15th, 2012

Monastery Andechs – there and back


In August we took a day trip with a friend to the monastery Andechs.
The monastery is located in the five lakes region below Munich near the Ammersee.
We did not drive up to the front door, but enjoying the lovely weather on a hike.
Starting from Ammersee by a beautiful hardwood forest over open fields and past Christian symbols that can be found on every corner in Bavaria.
In the monastery, we strengthened ourselves in accompanying beer garden with Bavarian specialties and refreshing drinks.
Unfortunately only possible to visit the church, wants to visit the monastery and the brewery, you have to register for a tour.
If you ever wanted to know the typical Bavaria – here you will find it.

September 11th, 2012

CornerView – Impression


Dult – the smell of roasted almonds and cotton candy,
sausage roll with mustard,
crepes with Nutella and egg nog,
a liter of beer,
the flashing lights,
bright colors,
the screams of the traveling people,
the roar of the rides,
excited people,
and music from all corners,
tottering drunk,
dizziness and tingly inside.


 – impression
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September 5th, 2012

How was your summer?

 Hi friends, we still have a few days holiday but we are back at home.
This does not mean that we were away for weeks. We were only a few days on the road,
but it was summer and in summer there is so much to do, that simply was not time for the pc.

How was your summer?

Our summer was not always a hot summer, but it was a good time.
We met friends and grilled,
we have baked pancakes with blueberries,
we swam in the rivers,
we chilled with Frieda,
we enjoyed the Ammersee, the landscape of Bavarian and an ice cream,
we have watching bulls from the front and – fortunately – behind the fence,
we admired the view of the Bavarian Alps,
and we have shot wonderful portraits (we will show you to an another time).

Here passed the summer slowly, the days are shorter, the forests are  colorful
and the cozy afternoons on the couch are longer.
It calls Indian summer.
What a lovely time!

September 2nd, 2012

Soon …

Hello friends – our vacation is nearing the end.
We’re back in a few days!