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October 29th, 2012

colorful II


From Friday to Saturday night it started to snow.
Too early this year. First, just a little, then more and more.
And the next morning it looked wintry outside the window.
And because it was still cold, there was still snow today.
And we have to show you: When we got our car from the garage, we drove through this forest.
The colors – the mix of fall and winter – was breathtaking.
We had no other choice, we had to get out and shoot.


October 20th, 2012




October 17th, 2012

CornerView – jewelery

My jewel

– jewelery
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October 14th, 2012

the little one

To photograph children is usually great fun.
Unlike adults, they are not afraid of the camera, they are what they are.
We agreed with this little boy and his mother at their home in the garden.
It was a beautiful summer day with an excellent light.

October 10th, 2012

CornerView – leaf


The autumn immersed the leaves in incredibly beautiful colors.
Here, all the trees are brightly colored, theĀ  leaves are red and yellow and sometimes even green.
I can not get enough of this splendor. And you?



– leaf
more posts all over the world can be found by Francesca of FuoriBorgo.


October 3rd, 2012


Do you also have such beautiful autumn days?
Days full of sunshine and colorful leaves?
The nature is magnificent in the moment.
We can’t get enough of the many colors of fall. On each walk, the camera is there.

On Saturday, we will photograph our first wedding coverage.
We are a little bit excited (but not as much as the bride ;)).
Still – keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out.