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November 28th, 2012

CornerView – thankfulness


I am thankful for many things.
For that I am alive,
that I’m healthy,
that I have a job
that I am moved
that I can enjoy the food and drink
that I have friends
that I photograph
that I can talk,
that I can see and feel …
There is so very much for which I am grateful.

In addition to the photographs, I work as a nurse in a clinic for traumatic brain injuries.
Brain tumor, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke … and much more.
People can not do much more what they could before,
they are very, very sick, and their life is not what it once was.
And mostly it is also no longer as it used to be..

The saying “enjoy each day as it were your last” – which I find stupid.
The saying is how many spells of a tear-off calendar.
Despite everything, it is true.
I am everyday thankfull.
Every day!

I can not show you everything that I am thankful.
But for my two girls, I am most grateful. They are the most precious in my life.


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November 24th, 2012



When the woods were colorful yet, we photographed Hille and her accordion.
Hille is a Bavarian girl, as you could imagine.
We all had fun at the shoot.
But the best thing was in the middle of nature, surrounded by woods and meadows Hille played on her accordion.
It was all quiet, only the accordion …





November 21st, 2012

CornerView – energy


This summer I had one day lots and lots of energy.
I did a hike. A long and strenuous hike.
I think I’ve got this energy only once a year.
And if the energy is consumed in the evening, I swear: Never again.

Until next year … ūüėÄ


more posts all over the world can be found by Francesca of FuoriBorgo.

November 16th, 2012

We are lucky …


We are lucky …

We have tickets. And it’s not even long – only a few months,
only bring even the winter behind us.


This is …

But is Frieda happy too?


Not only that we have neglected blogging over the summer, it also had to suffer. It was often alone …


We had a lot to do …

But now it is gradually improving. And we dream at night …

… from traveling around the world

Happy weekend, friends!


P.S. Discovered today …
– how to get better through the hard life :)
postcards for every occasion
– and a very, very cute Calendar for the next year

November 14th, 2012

Katharina & Martin/wedding

Last week  we promised you images of the Bavarian wedding.
Voila! Here they are.
We have followed the couple throughout the day.
We were there when the bride was ready,
when the groom saw his bride for the first time,
at the registry office, as the two gave themselves tied the knot,
the veal sausage meal with the family,
of course we have shot couple portraits,
we were there when the two also received the blessing of the Church,
with the congratulations of family and friends,
at the country inn,
in games and the infamous, funny bride kidnapping and dancing in the evening.
It was a great pleasure to  photographs the both on their special day,
it was fun and it was a very wonderful day for us too.


November 11th, 2012

Chile XII

I had almost forgotten – but not quite!
There are a few more photos of Chile, which I want to show you yet.

After the long, long walk, I needed a break РandI  went by car to the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina.
The trip to Argentina was a little tricky. The two countries were not friends then. (Maybe that’s different today?)
At any rate, I had to fill out countless papers with myriad data, answer questions, by looking car.
Then I went through a kind of no man’s land. A lone rider on the horizon, but otherwise: nothing long.
Then came the Argentine border post. And the same thing happened there. Many papers to fill out, answering questions, by looking car.
Interesting situation. It has paid off.

The way to Perito Moreno Glacier was long and the nature was the gigantic . In between there was snow and again Рhow many times in Patagonia Рvastness.
The glaciers – something I have never seen – was huge.
He was in a blue. Not only in one blue, in many innumerable shades of blue.
He was lonely and located in complete silence. And he lived, repeatedly broke off huge chunks of ice. They fell into the water with a loud roar, high fountains shot up.
I stood there for hours.

Later there was a camp in the parc surrounding the glacier at which I was driving. And then happened the best thing I never expected.
Middle of the road was a Puma.
A large, free Puma.
And I in the car in front of him.
I was so fascinated by this predator, that the engine failed.
The puma was not interested in me, he strolled across the road, sitting on the edge and sharpened his claws on a tree!
I’ll tell you that I did not sleep that night in my tent. :) I stayed in the car, and it was very cozy.


 Next time I will show you pictures of Tierra del Fuego.


November 9th, 2012

Katharina + Martin/Preview

In early October, we shot a wedding. A Bavarian wedding. Do you know what that means?
Colourful Dirndl,
quaint country inn,
traditional Catholic wedding,
white sausages with sweet mustard in the morning (to a wheat beer) and in the evening braised ox roast with potato dumpling,
a band equipped with an accordion and Bavarian music,
funny games in the evening and a bride kidnapping in the afternoon.
Bride kidnapping? Never heard of it?
In traditional Bavarian wedding the bride is stolen, and the groom has to win back the bride¬†…
while making all sorts of mischief and wild promises.

Soon … there’s more!

November 7th, 2012

CornerView – longing

Now when the winter months come, long dark and cold, I am longing for spring, summer and autumn.
For warmth and sunshine. And you?


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November 4th, 2012



On a lovely summer day, we had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful woman.
Helena is a true talent in front of the camera.
She also has fascinating eyes and a nice laugh.