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July 26th, 2013

summer break

Hi friends, I think it’s time for our summer break.
Many of you have been a part of their holiday behind them, some return already back from vacation.
We are on the verge. Next – finally – start the holidays here in Bavaria.
And I can tell you it is time.

We are very busy now: lots of photo shoots, babies, pregnant women, couples, families, portraits …

We want to do much more the next few weeks.
We want to go swimming,
eating ice,
family visit,
summer party with colleagues,
barbecuing with friends,
drink cocktails,
go indian food,
breakfast in Ratisbon …
and go to great travel.

We visiting lovely friends in France and the Brittany. We’ll be two whole weeks on the road.

And I think when we return in mid-September, there will be much to tell.

Enjoy the summer, the sun, the sea or the pool. We’ll meet again …
Kisses to you ♥♥♥



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July 16th, 2013

After the hike …

After the hike … Frieda was still enjoying the game.
Incredible for us.
Instead, we rewarded ourselves with a hearty food
– dumplings in mushroom cream sauce –
for the busy day and enjoyed the gigantic sunset
before we crawled into our tent and slept deeply.











July 7th, 2013


Our June flew there and was over in a flash.
And very often I had forget my camera when we met up with some friends and took.

1. Frieda sleeping on the couch
2. my first rhubarb pie before it came into the oven. Super Yummy!
3.Frieda waiting go to walkies
4./5. summer
6. storm clouds
7. Play with Frieda
8. my mums birthday
9. birthday cake
10. my father is working in the garden
11. green asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and seared: birthday dinner
12. Frieda also gets some good
13. hay fever
14. cold cucumber soup with toasted baguette
15. Smoothie of strawberries, banana, orange
16. summer
17./18./19. violent summer storm after a week of 40 degree +
20. stunning sky art
21. … without words :)
22. Spaghetti Carbonara
23./24./25. summer

How was your June?

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July 3rd, 2013

CornerView – home

Okay, this is our last Corner View before we will go into the (deserved) summer break.
Do you all have already holiday? Do you all enjoy  your holiday?

Here in Bavaria, this is something special. Because Bavaria is always special,
so we go into the holidays, when the others have already finished their holiday.
I mean, it takes a while until we have holidays.


I continue what I started, namely with a poetic post. An almost kitschy, cheesy post.
But I promise, when we meet again – after the summer break – I’ll stop it. 😉

But now: Have a great and fantastic time and enjoying the summer to the fullest.

Hugs and see you soon!




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