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June 25th, 2014

CornerView – gift

We have made a friend a special birthday gift.
We have invited her for a boat ride on the Königssee.
The boat trip itself lasted about 50 minutes,
we went over the entire Königssee to the other end
to wander there to one of the highest waterfalls in Germany.


The Königssee is in the National Park Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps
and is one of the cleanest lakes in Germany.




The Königssee in turn is fed by water from the Obersee, which was our first stop on the hike.
The Obersee is a pure mountain lake, nestled between high mountains, the Fischunkelalm is at its end.
(An Alm is a hut of the serviced in the Alps.)
There you can rest, drink a beer, eat a snack and enjoy the view.


The Röthbach waterfall (470m high), our goal, can be seen from afar.
The hike there again takes about 30 minutes along high mountains and cows on the pasture.
Not fenced!
I was a little queasy as we had our large Frieda with us and I did not know how dog or cow reacted to each other.
I can tell you that everything went well.
Frieda was very interested, but good on a leash.
And the cows had no interest in us or the dog,
they just wanted to munch grass.





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