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November 8th, 2013


by Li+Belle

Our October was over so quickly that I did not came about to shoot a lot of photos.
Here is a summary of our October:

- the first colorful leaves
- Frieda … very tired
- forest walks
- photo session with the little Lina – 6 weeks old
- photo session with a family and their little boy. Unfortunately we came here an autumn storm in between.
- meet our friends

… oh yes. In October, we were in the theater.
That was great. A friend told me about it, and we went with her.
Because it is a young theater in Ratisbon,
it’s theater, where you do not know what drama is coming,
and it’s theater, where guests are involved in the game.
It exciting and very, very funny.
We have a good laugh, but unfortunately taken any photos.
And we are sure, that was not the last time we visited the theater “Nachdienst”.



20131025-DSC_3761298 20131018-DSC_312529120131019-DSC_3331292


20131018-DSC_3138291  20131019-DSC_3367292 20131020-DSC_3559293


Our month of September I will show you later. Since I still have to edit all the photos.


5 Comments to “October”

  1. beautiful photos … love the forrests ones :)

  2. lovely colors all together! very autumnal :)

  3. Aaah, das gähnende Kind ist mein Favorit!
    Und Frieda…diese Augen!
    Deine Herbstfarben sind einfach unvergleichlich.
    Sehr schöner Oktober (MEIN Monat, schließlich bin ich da geboren). :o)

  4. i love every last photo. so good.

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