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October 29th, 2013

CornerView – all the small things

by Li+Belle

Hi friends,
Autumn has arrived everywhere … rather, he passed soon again.
It is a great pleasure to walk on sunny autumn days in the forest.
The smell of fresh leaves always reminds me of the crayons from my childhood.
And the sun breaks through the colorful foliage and leaves an amazing play of colors.
It is a fantastic season.

It is the season where you will find lots of little things along the way.
Colorful leaves, acorns, chestnuts, pine cones …






all the small things -
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13 Comments to “CornerView – all the small things”

  1. looks beautiful, autumn bei euch!

  2. It’s Spring here … but even when it is Autumn, we don’t have changing leaves like that. I sure do miss that!!

  3. beautiful, golden coloured, small wood foliage… such abundance. n♥

  4. My favorite thing about fall, besides the beautiful colors, is taking slow walks and crunching through the leaves that have already dropped to the ground. I make sure to do that each year!

  5. You captured all the pretty and delicate details of the autumn forest.

  6. Enjoy the days go!! The trees just turned a few days ago!

  7. I love and miss fall!

  8. wow, what a beautiful way to make yellow leaves look like an enchanted forest!

  9. i always love the colors of the autumn!! and the leaves and the falling of the leaves, the autumn stormy weather…..!

  10. Beautiful photos! And I, too, love the smell of autumn leaves!

  11. beautiful autumn!!
    its been unusually warm here so the greens haven`t changed yet to yellow,
    so its especially nice to see your bursts of golden leaves!!

  12. so, so beautiful. this is my most cherished time of year :)

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