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November 19th, 2013

CornerView – favorite clothes

by Li+Belle

Last week there was a picture of me , this week I show you my favorite clothes.
Depending on what I’m doing , I wear appropriate clothing ( more or less).
Here is a selection of different situations.


Clothes for jogging and a glass of water for then.
This reminds me that I finally beat my baser and should go out and run.
( now I have a bad conscience )


It’s the clothes that I actually wear.
Jeans, T -shirt, sweater and scarf ( I freeze easily )


This is the dress for the days on which I do not feel cold.
Namely, when it is summer and very hot.
(at this time there is no thick socks)

And here is my night clothes . My summer night clothes . Yes with thick socks. Mostly in summer.
In winter, it looks a bit different, because I wear a long-sleeved top, long pajama pants
and usually twice two thick pair of socks.
( I freeze quickly … I have, I believe , already mentioned)


And now I rush to all corners and watch what you wear.

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12 Comments to “CornerView – favorite clothes”

  1. Ha, ha! I like your clothes staging, great :)
    I don’t remember seeing you wearing the dress and pink shoes last summer… ;)

  2. I like seeing your different types of outfits. I esp. like the colorful skirt and flats. :>)

  3. I love your red sneakers. Make the whole outfit pop and adds a bit of whimsy!

  4. LOve! So cozy! Have a great week!

  5. Lovely collection….and I would love to have someone to run with…to start running…I cannot alone ;)

  6. What a fun way to show your daily favorite clothes!! I have enjoyed your photo’s and stories!

  7. what a nice presentation!
    i would not like to freeze easily, but there is something: i wish i had the need to wear scarves and handknit socks. i did try, but i get so hot!

  8. i always wear a scarf, winter and summer (well, on most summer days)!
    beautifully displayed outfits :)
    PS what does vsco mean? i see you’ve used it as a tag here, and also on instagram

  9. oh, i love the way you have presented your interpretation of the theme!

    ps … i freeze quickly too! good thing i moved to a HOT country!

  10. I love scarves … and they are so practical when you feel cold :)

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