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November 26th, 2013

Corner View – pets

by Li+Belle

Francesca gave me the idea to tell you about our trip with Frieda.
Sometime in the summer she asked if it’s hard to travel with our dog.
Basically no.
Quite a lot you can not do with a dog.
But you know that as soon as a dog receives in the family,
and decides it needs to go with the family in every holiday, on each trip.
And once you know that, you look to its destinations from other points.

Germany is a relatively dog-friendly country,
dogs are allowed almost everywhere to go into the restaurant, the cafe, the hotel.
There are special dog beaches by the sea, and especially popular are trips to the mountains.
But from Germany I do not want to tell you,
because I prefer to travel far away instead of staying in the near of my home.

We considered and deliberate …
there are many places and countries wishing we like to see and visit.
We chose France because everywhere we read on the internet about traveling with a dog,
France ranked first as dog friendly country.
And yes, it’s true.

There are many, many accommodations for travelers with dog,
there are many, many dog ​​owners in France,
and the most beautiful, there are many endless beaches where dogs are allowed.
Most dogs run off leash there,
so there are always meetings between dogs that run very peaceful.
A little sniffing, a little play … and every dog ​​went his own way again.
The beaches were very clean despite many dogs. The dogs had all well-behaved.

Our Frieda felt very, very well  near the sea.
She could run endlessly,
there was so much to discover ( algae) and sniffing ( and again algae).
Frieda – she does not like water – even went a few steps into the sea.
One evening Frieda discovered a cancer that ran across the beach.
She was fascinated.
Sniffing, licking over it … and no, not eating, just watching.







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13 Comments to “Corner View – pets”

  1. I see even the cows are allowed on French beaches (the proof on pictures 2, 5, 6)!

  2. “Wolf in der Südsee” (letztes Bild)
    liebe Grüsse!

  3. yeah, well, I have cats, and it’s absolutely impossible to travel with them. so I guess dogs have to be easier. great pics :)

  4. i don’t think there are any beeches for dogs around here. Frieda is very lucky dog to be so much loved and so well taken care of!

  5. Frieda is a beauty and so lucky that she gets to travel with you!

  6. I love this post! My Molly used to love the beach. We called her “Molly-Axen-Beach-Patrol” because she took it as her duty to make sure that no birds remained on “her” beach. She got so much pleasure from chasing the birds, smelling EVERY THING and chasing the waves. Sadly, Florida is not a very pet friendly state. We had to travel 2 hours as opposed to 45 minutes to get to a dog-friendly beach and then the dogs are supposed to on a leash. Then, we’d find a secluded stretch so we could let her off the leash and break the law :-) Stupid laws need to be broken any way!

  7. Frieda ist absolut fotogen, finde ich.
    Grüße aus der Ferne :)

  8. such a well travelled … and photogenic dog :)

  9. Great photos and love the dogs…

  10. Oh, what a great looking dog and beautiful photo’s!
    Your pet seems to enjoy all the space at the sea!

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