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December 3rd, 2013

CornerView – view on my street

by Li+Belle

In my street live many old people,
since their homes were built.
And a few families who are newly involved.
Here live many, many cats and a few dogs.
Sometimes you talk with the neighbor over the fence,
but there are hardly any closer contact between people.
In my street not much happens.
Actually, nothing happens.
Few pedestrian, but some cars.
Sometimes a few children who ride a bicycle or skateboard.
A village street.
Nothing more.

This is the view of the road, where I live:

The view from my living room window onto the street.


The view when I stand in front of the house, to the right.


The view when I stand in front of the house, to the left.


The view of the house where I live.
The left window is my living room window,
the right window is the bedroom window,
and the middle window is the window in the stairwell.


  - view on my street -
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16 Comments to “CornerView – view on my street”

  1. ein gelbes Haus, wie schön!
    liebe Grüsse!

  2. nothing happens in my street either – and when something does happen, it quickly becomes an event!
    thanks for all the vsco info, i haven’t had a chance to look into it anymore.

  3. It’s nice to see more about your environment :) I love the yellow color of your walls!
    Have a nice day!

  4. Your yellow house is very cheery! Nice to see where you live!

  5. looks very peaceful and spacious to me!

  6. I’m guessing most streets are like how you describe yours.
    I ‘heart’ the yellow. that would cheer up any street…yes?!

  7. Sounds peaceful to me! :-)

  8. What if everyone came together and had a potluck party on the street? We do this every New Years Eve!

  9. Your street has a very romantic feel to me. And I love your cheery yellow!

  10. well hello; that is lovely yellow on your outside wall!

  11. ich bin mir jetzt nicht sicher ob dir deine strasse gefaellt oder nicht? haettest du gern mehr kontakt zu den nachbarn?

    • :) Die Straße ist nichts besonderes, aber sie ist okay für mich. Mehr Kontakt zu den Nachbarn brauche ich eigentlich nicht. Es war eine allgemeine Beschreibung dessen, was hier zu beobachten ist. Dass die Leute untereinander wenig Kontakt haben, obwohl wir hier am Dorf leben.

  12. I love your yellow house! And such a sweet and peaceful `street` story!

  13. i love the yellow house too … and somehow it looks like you have so much sky in you street. very nice :)

  14. Oh I wished I lived in a yellow house too… sunshine every day :)

  15. what a treat to see just where you live, such a peaceful place.

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