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October 8th, 2013

CornerView – before & after

before … August 1999 at the Baltic Sea


after fourteen years … August 2013 on the Atlantic Ocean



– before & after –
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June 2nd, 2013

Italy 2

Hello friends!

Today I show you Soave and Verona. In Soave we visited a little ruin and a wine cellar.
In Verona we went to the famous Julia and Romeo balcony.
The weather was veeeeeeery fine again. Everyday the sun was shining and it was very hot.
This week in Italy was so special and so unforgettable.
But now…
here are the photos!

Have fun!

20130416-italien2 010106-2

20130416-italien2 014106-4

20130416-italien2 017106-2

20130416-italien2 039106-2

20130416-italien2 042106-2

20130416-italien2 055106-2

20130416-italien2 058106-2

20130416-italien2 062106-2

20130416-italien2 065106-2

20130416-italien2 071106-2

20130416-italien2 073106-2

20130416-italien2 076106-2

20130416-italien2 077106-2

20130416-italien2 085106-2

20130416-italien2 105106-2


January 26th, 2013

Belle is telling …

Hi friends!♥

Here I am. Belle. This will be my own post with own photos.
Every month I will tell you with photos something of my world.
What I did, what I love, … things which are important to me.
This month I would like to show you where we went to when friends and my mum and me went for a walk.
It was very cold but a nice scenery.


January 3rd, 2013

Chile b/w II




1 somewhere out there, but not 25 km from Alaska
2 in the hot north
3 infirmary
4 pampas grass
5-9 by fire cut down woods
10 – 17 there where only continue for ships and no man at home
18 condor
19 – 23 herds of horses in Patagonia

– the end –

December 9th, 2012

Chile b/w I


1. totem
2. condor
3. Andes
4. – 6. Area Volcano Osorno
7.near the Atacama – Desert
8.guinea fowl
9.-11. Shipping in the cold south
12.-14.penguin colony
15. Andes

December 1st, 2012

Chile XIII


Tierra del Fuego – the name sounds like a great gift for me.
As a child I have seen some TV movie, in which a man wanted to visit Tierra del Fuego.
The man was so excited that I thought – I was maybe seven or eight years old –
that must be the ultimate.
The greatest, the most adventurous, simply gigantic.
Just Tierra del Fuego.

I took the ferry from the mainland to the islands by bus part in the Argentine.
Up to Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world. Or as the locals call “el fin del mundo”.
I can still remember I arrived the city in the evening, the sun just went down and the city was laid in a beautiful light.

Of course, my goal was to walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin.
And yes, I was sailing the canal as he does it about two hundred years before me.
He with the HMS Beagle, I with a fast catamaran.

It was marvelous weather, icy cold air, but so clear. The catamaran drove past penguin and seal colonies. It past high mountains and green meadows.
And held at the Estancia Harberton, a sheep farm with (then) more than 5000 sheep.
The farm was founded by Thomas Bridge, the first settlers (except the Indians) of Tierra del Fuego.

For me, it was stunning. I was, who lives in the center of Europe, at the end of the world.
Solitude, silence, only the wind … and the infinity.


 After I visited Tierra del Fuego, my journey was over.
Two months was a long time and I was homesick.
I wanted my bed, my books, I wanted to see the pictures that I had to develop even more,
I wanted to meet friends (at this time my friend got her baby … and now the boy is almost grown).
I wanted – how many German sure wish – eating black bread. Black bread with butter and chives and a boiled egg.

But I still have something for you -I’ll show you the next time the b / w shots of Chile.
There are not so many, so I think it goes in two posts ;).

November 11th, 2012

Chile XII

I had almost forgotten – but not quite!
There are a few more photos of Chile, which I want to show you yet.

After the long, long walk, I needed a break – andI  went by car to the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina.
The trip to Argentina was a little tricky. The two countries were not friends then. (Maybe that’s different today?)
At any rate, I had to fill out countless papers with myriad data, answer questions, by looking car.
Then I went through a kind of no man’s land. A lone rider on the horizon, but otherwise: nothing long.
Then came the Argentine border post. And the same thing happened there. Many papers to fill out, answering questions, by looking car.
Interesting situation. It has paid off.

The way to Perito Moreno Glacier was long and the nature was the gigantic . In between there was snow and again – how many times in Patagonia – vastness.
The glaciers – something I have never seen – was huge.
He was in a blue. Not only in one blue, in many innumerable shades of blue.
He was lonely and located in complete silence. And he lived, repeatedly broke off huge chunks of ice. They fell into the water with a loud roar, high fountains shot up.
I stood there for hours.

Later there was a camp in the parc surrounding the glacier at which I was driving. And then happened the best thing I never expected.
Middle of the road was a Puma.
A large, free Puma.
And I in the car in front of him.
I was so fascinated by this predator, that the engine failed.
The puma was not interested in me, he strolled across the road, sitting on the edge and sharpened his claws on a tree!
I’ll tell you that I did not sleep that night in my tent. :) I stayed in the car, and it was very cozy.


 Next time I will show you pictures of Tierra del Fuego.


July 29th, 2012

MondayTrip – Chile XI


These are pictures of a long, long hike – really very long – in the National Park Torres del Paine.
It begins at the park administration and led me up to Refugio Pehoe.
It was not only long, it was also very exhausting. Especially since I was not as proficient in hiking.
The weather alternated between sun and rain,
it was very cold, I wore all the clothes I had in my backpack, and it went from a constant wind, which I had never experienced in the measure.
I went into the wind, while I was at an angle of 30 degrees. Honest! :)
On the long walk, I met almost no one, I was alone and that was an incredibly exciting feeling. It’s as if you were suddenly all alone in this world.
Nature was – as usual in Chile – stunning, gigantic, indescribable. It was all very well, and large and open – the view was infinite.
The colors almost unreal, especially the blue of the lakes and rivers.
A dream, indeed.


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July 25th, 2012

Corner View – grass


Recently I made a trip with friends around the village Premberg in the Oberpfalz.
First we  wandered a little up the hill. The view over the village
and the nearby river Naab was wonderful.
Then we wandered for a long time on grassland with many wonderful and colorful wild flowers
and at the end we visited the castle  of Münchshofen (unfortunately only from the outside because it is privately owned).


*the last three photos were taken by my friend


– grass
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July 22nd, 2012

Monday Trip – Chile X



Next post on the south of Chile.
The last time I had arrived by boat in Puerto Natales.
I spent some time in a nice hotel before I borrowed a car and drove on the way to
the national park Torres del Paine.
The ride did not last long – less than two hours.
But there were two gigantic hours.
The scenery was breathtaking, the air was clear, the colors were so intentsiv,


I have never seen such a wide – such an infinite – country

And I’ve never seen such an incredibly beautiful light.


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