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May 31st, 2015

Goodby May and Hello June …

May has been a month, which I was very delighted and went by very fast.
But is a law of nature:
everything is good passes quickly, everything is barren takes long.

The highlight of the month: the birthday of my daughter.
I’ll tell you, she was given tickets for a concert in Munich in October.
and I think it was the best thing I could give her.


Another highlight was our trip to Amsterdam.
We met there with Elsa and her family
(soon I will show you pictures)
and enjoyed four wonderful days.
We strolled through the city every day.
Amsterdam has so much to see,
so many people,
so many smells
and so many little streets and cafes.
We saw Rembrandt – what a gifted painter.
We ate Asian in the Asian district,
frozen yogurt with fruit,
crepes with Nutella,
chocolate cake,
and I drank a wonderfully exotic tasting smoothie with celery and beetroot.
(I can tell you, I was the only one who liked it).
We stayed in a quiet residential area in a wonderful, cozy apartment,
which we found on Airbnb.
We chatted a lot and laughed a lot.
It was a wonderful trip!

now part of everyday life:
– I had four photoshoots with a couple, with friends and with their background music,
and with children, which are so funny to watch them
– Breakfast with friends
– I had a week’s vacation in which I brush a lot
– I finished my English course for the time and I hope it will be continued in September

what I read:
CouchSurfing in Iran (very interesting and informative and a courageous man!)

 what I saw:
Mädchen im Eis (the film is a little crazy, sometimes amusing and with an easy open end)

– new episodes of the Outlander
– Season two of Game of Thrones

and I saw: The killing
– It was very, very exciting. sometimes very scary.
something successful I have not seen.
The four seasons I have seen at top speed.

How was your Mai? And what will happen to you in June?



May 8th, 2015

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to my girl!


March 4th, 2015

CornerView – cuddly

Our Frieda is a large dog who is just as big cuddly :)






 cuddly –
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February 11th, 2015

CornerView – love in my corner




“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


That is what I would like to give my child for life.
And a large portion of love that will always be here,
no matter where she will ever go.









 love in my corner –
more posts all over the world can be found by Francesca of FuoriBorgo

February 1st, 2015


January is, with its thirty-one days, a long month.
It is also the beginning of a new year,
it is often the calm before the storm,
or the breath after last year.

How was my January? I will tell you.

– I spent a Saturday  at Ikea, and learned
never go to Ikea on a Saturday during the school holidays.

– I was with my daughter in a tattoo shop because she get a belly button piercing.

– I met with friends, ate a good dinner and played a game.
We had hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream at dessert. (great!)

– I was with a other friend for a long walk, during which I lost my mobile phone and found it on happy way again.
Then I ate the first time delicious fennel orange salad.

– After my vacation I got a new boss.

– I was at the vet with Frieda to the annual vaccination.
Imagine such a big dog and trembles with fear when she’s at the vet.
Although it there something painful has never happened!

– My car was for review and during I had Asian food with a friend
and stroll through some furniture stores.

– I saw the last season of the series Sons of Anarchy.
And I am very sad.
Do you know that?
Many seasons accompany the protagonists,
which is as it would be to the family, as if you were friends.
You can experience adventure, you are sad, happy and laughing with them.
And when they leave, then there is a farewell pain one first has to digest.

– I also looked the fourth season of Homeland. God is not the last, thanks!
(I have already told you that I’m on spy films?)

– I read this month two books (too little): Rebecca Johns “Icebergs” (I like it)
and the agent thriller “Der Schwimmer” (great and very exciting!)

– I saw a movie (in December): “Einer nach dem anderen
(original: Kraftidioten) (very great film!)

– And I saw a french film “Ein Mordsteam” (De l’autre côté du périph)
(I have rarely laughed so much)

– There was snow, and was quickly gone. And it snowed again and thawed.

Also, January is the month in which I often think about the desire vacations in the current year:

– Amsterdam with Elsa and her family in May
– Summer in Aquitaine
– Two firmly planned weekend in the Alps with friends

That sounds good, right? So happy to start the year … and go on.

How was your January?


January 1st, 2015

Happy New Year – and my favorite cake


2015 – a new year

I give away the old one.
And receive the new one with open arms.
What is in store for me, the new year? What I’m going to demand from it?
I have experienced a milestone birthday last year.
One from which I’m no longer young, but also not too old.
An intermediate.
There is still much to do,
but I know that I no longer manage everything, no longer experience and wipe out
what I’ve done and dreamed at a young age.
Not easy for me.
I admit it.
Time is running fast, and I want it now calling, the life.
I want more of everything.
I want spectacular, adventurous, more exciting,
I want more wealth and more feeling.
I let it go by the last year,
I let it go by my age,
It was not so easy to complete the round number.
For me
And now it is done.

This year I want more,
more photograph for you and with you,
more blogging for you and with you,
more write for you,
more travel and do more things who good for me …
and I want to tell you about it.

And first I give you my favorite cake recipe.
Very fat and very chocolaty … but very, very tasty.

200 g dark chocolate couverture
100 g pine nuts
125 g soft butter
4 eggs
100 g sugar
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
50 g flour
Powdered sugar and cocoa powder to dusting


– allow the chocolate couverture to be liquid in a water bath.
– finely chop the pine nuts
– separate the eggs
– beat the egg whites with a whisk to form a rigid and slightly shiny mass
– stir butter, sugar and  vanilla sugar creamy
– stir the egg yolks
– stir the chocolate couverture spoon by spoon
– add the pine nuts
– ridging egg whites on it
– sprinkle flour over it
– now loosely pull everything with a whisk to each other
– run the mass in the form
– bake the cake about 180 degrees 50 – 60 minutes
– leave to cool on a wire rack
and sprinkle with powdered sugar and cocoa powder



December 30th, 2014


The crunch of snow
when you walk over it,
and the silence of the forest,
each noise swallowed by the white magic powder
– these are two of the lucky maker par excellence.












December 19th, 2014

morning walk

Today I have a day off. The work rested and I as well.
Luckily for me there was sunshine in the morning
and Frieda and I walked a long while over the fields and through the woods.
Turned the face to the sun and eyes closed,
fresh, lukewarm air breathed
and found peace.
It feels like spring and not, as of December and a few days before Christmas.
But so what?













October 14th, 2014

CornerView – rough

… sometimes Brittany looks rough,
full of corners and edges,
stormy weather,
quaint people.
I like that.
A lot.












rough –
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September 24th, 2014

CornerView – make-up



The natural make-up is autumnal.
I love this time of year.
Hot tea, dark evenings, lying on the couch and read exciting books,
walking in the stormy rain and let your head blow freely.
Thick sweaters and hot soups. Rustling leaves and colorful.
Pumpkin, as soup, baked in the oven or with pasta and Parmesan.
Apple cake, plum cake.
Low hanging black clouds in the sky










 – make-up –
more posts all over the world can be found by Francesca of FuoriBorgo