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March 4th, 2015

CornerView – cuddly

Our Frieda is a large dog who is just as big cuddly :)






 cuddly –
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March 1st, 2015


February is a short month,
a dark weather month,
which is slightly lighter at the end.
February is usually not a special month for me,
more of one a quiet.
One who is a bit slow and sometime over.
A few highlights there anyway, and that I want to tell you:

– The first days I lay with a cold in bed

– now I had the feeling that I have to do something for me.
A day or two in a Spa are too expensive,
so I went to a cosmetic shop:
creams for day and night, peelings, ampoules for applying, beauty and relaxation promised me
… and I used them all.

– Among the many winter boots in sale I have also found summer shoes,
which I bought immediately

– I photographed friends and their children.
Or rather, the children of friends, the friends remained more in the background.
Do you know how fun it is to observe small children?
They do funny things, they often have so funny faces and gestures.
What lovely afternoon!

– I had a few days off – at last.

– I started the days off with a visit to a sauna together with my best friend.
This is something new for me, and I had doubts whether I like it.
But it was not as bad as I thought.
My favorite sauna  was 55 Grad hot and smelled deliciously of a mixture of mint and apple.
And when I left the sauna, I was happy and relaxed.

– After the sauna I was at the Sushi House in Regensburg with myfriends (did I mention that I really like sushi?)

– The other day I had breakfast at Cafe Lila in Regensburg with my daughter.
Here you can order many different breakfast:
German, Bavarian (white sausages with sweet mustard),
French (which my daughter ate and there was a lot of good cheese),
Scandinavian, English, cowboy breakfast, champagne breakfast or
American (which I ate. It was delicious with fried ham, egg, Cornflake with maple syrup, toast and jam)

– I bought tickets to an opera in April – yeah!

– Since the end of February I visit an English course … ( I told you that I am a nurse?)
and the hospital where I work, provides for the staff a course in English medicine
(and the reality is – to my great horror – I can not speak English!)

– I have seen my favorite author … one of the best writers out there … live at a reading.
The reading was in a beautiful room (with large chandeliers and columns) in the theater in Regensburg:
TC Boyle.
Do you know him? If not, you have to read it. Absolutely!
I recommend “water music”.

– Yesterday at the last day of February friends visited me. We cooked spaghetti carbonara. Delicious!
And played two games I always lost. Not my day! 😉

– I saw several movies this month, because I just logged into netflix. You know netflix?
I do not count all of the films that would be too much,
but I’ve seen two love stories and they were brilliant:
Und nebenbei das große Glück (Un bonheur n’arrive jamais seul) = a French film
Hannas Reise = German film

– I have seen the serie “Fargo“, a production of the Coen brothers.
The name Coen says all, I think. They are awesome.
The dialogues are razor sharp and full of pointe,
the action for some abstruse, but unique. And the actors are great.

– Then I was  in cinema on friday for the highly acclaimed film: American sniper by Clint Eastwood.
Clint Eastwood directing credits are always worth seeing and impressive. He knows his craft.


And now:
How was your February? What have you read, seen and done in this month?


February 25th, 2015

CornerView – warmth

… what a beautiful word.
It fits perfectly to the winter, which is on its last legs.
Perfect, because spring is coming,
and at the morning  the first birds which come from the south chirping.
Perfect, because I went to work and for the first time today
it has become this time getting light.
Perfect, because I’ve seen the first tender buds on a bush,
and I’ve seen the sun sometimes more than a few minutes.
Perfect, because I’m anticipating the smell of spring already in the air,
and the snow is only sporadically in the fields.
Perfect, because this is a wonderful time of year.




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February 18th, 2015

CornerView – homemade

I like to bake cakes. Sometimes …
not always, but then I have very much pleasure in cake.
Chocolate cake, lemon cake, rhubarb pie, apple pie.

Here is a recipe for a chocolate cake from an Italian cookbook.
A cake with the wonderful name:
Torta di cioccolata



what you need:

200 g dark chocolate
100 g pine nuts (I always take ground hazelnuts, because cheaper)
125 g soft butter
4 eggs
100 g sugar
50 g flour
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
Powdered sugar + cocoa powder for dusting

Usually you have to separate the eggs, beat the egg whites and then lift later into the mixture.
Since I’m a bit lazy in this regard, happens to me all in a bowl and is simply stirred.

Then the whole thing in a cake pan
and into the preheated oven
and to bake about 50 – 60 minutes.



 Then get out and sprinkle with powdered sugar and cocoa powder after cooling.



et voilà


 – homemade –
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February 11th, 2015

CornerView – love in my corner




“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


That is what I would like to give my child for life.
And a large portion of love that will always be here,
no matter where she will ever go.









 love in my corner –
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February 1st, 2015


January is, with its thirty-one days, a long month.
It is also the beginning of a new year,
it is often the calm before the storm,
or the breath after last year.

How was my January? I will tell you.

– I spent a Saturday  at Ikea, and learned
never go to Ikea on a Saturday during the school holidays.

– I was with my daughter in a tattoo shop because she get a belly button piercing.

– I met with friends, ate a good dinner and played a game.
We had hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream at dessert. (great!)

– I was with a other friend for a long walk, during which I lost my mobile phone and found it on happy way again.
Then I ate the first time delicious fennel orange salad.

– After my vacation I got a new boss.

– I was at the vet with Frieda to the annual vaccination.
Imagine such a big dog and trembles with fear when she’s at the vet.
Although it there something painful has never happened!

– My car was for review and during I had Asian food with a friend
and stroll through some furniture stores.

– I saw the last season of the series Sons of Anarchy.
And I am very sad.
Do you know that?
Many seasons accompany the protagonists,
which is as it would be to the family, as if you were friends.
You can experience adventure, you are sad, happy and laughing with them.
And when they leave, then there is a farewell pain one first has to digest.

– I also looked the fourth season of Homeland. God is not the last, thanks!
(I have already told you that I’m on spy films?)

– I read this month two books (too little): Rebecca Johns “Icebergs” (I like it)
and the agent thriller “Der Schwimmer” (great and very exciting!)

– I saw a movie (in December): “Einer nach dem anderen
(original: Kraftidioten) (very great film!)

– And I saw a french film “Ein Mordsteam” (De l’autre côté du périph)
(I have rarely laughed so much)

– There was snow, and was quickly gone. And it snowed again and thawed.

Also, January is the month in which I often think about the desire vacations in the current year:

– Amsterdam with Elsa and her family in May
– Summer in Aquitaine
– Two firmly planned weekend in the Alps with friends

That sounds good, right? So happy to start the year … and go on.

How was your January?


January 27th, 2015

CornerView – experience

I want to tell you of our experience
– our hiking experience –
in the last fall.
We stayed for two nights in the lovely village of Grainau at the Austrian border and below the Zugspitze.
Our goal was to go to the Coburg hut (1917m) in Tyrol.
Described as an easy and casual hike.
In the breakfast room of the guesthouse was a trail map
that I intensively studied during while I ate a whole-grain bread and a boiled egg.
Very cozy.
I coined myself, especially the sign Coburg hut.

It was a beautiful autumn morning,
the sun was shining,
dewdrops wet meadows,
forests are wonderful yellow and red.
We walked cheerfully.
Frieda had a lot of fun
and we were looking forward to lunch at the lodge, we should reach 2-3 hours after approx.

But everything changed.
The normal way for normal once-a-year walker runs along a good path over the Ehrwalder Alm
continues through dense forest to Seeebensee
and then to Coburg hut.
All in all not very exhausting.

We took the wrong turn.
We took the other path that led to the hut.
And the path even had indeed looked shorter on the map,
but was much, much more strenuous and therefore took longer.
It was a climbing wall, which we had not, of course, want to go.
Now you must know that I the only one who wore hiking boots.
My daughter wore normal fabric sneakers,
and Frieda was with us.
Feasible the normal way for any dog.
A climbing wall, however, I would never have taken with Frieda.

It took a long time before we realized that we had gone wrong.
Too long to reverse and start moving over again.
And so we stood in sneakers and with a dog on a climbing wall.
We thought about for quite a while.
And then we decided to take a chance.

I can tell you, I sweated blood and water with fear.
Not because it was very steep. No, not because height vertigo, but I did not even look down.
I was very uncomfortable because my daughter wore simple fabric sneaker
with which you should certainly take no climbing wall.
And because Frieda was with us and we had to lift them sometimes on the next section.
Dangerous and I see us still crash in my worst dreams.

Of course, we took a long time because we were not particularly sporty.
And then I was all ready, as I had been walking ten hours.

Conclusion: Next time I will not leave me on my “good” card memory.


The gentle start of the hike with view of the Zugspitze (2962m).


The sign which I had in remembrance.


Frieda has fun.



Here we already have the climbing wall behind us.
Wou would see us sitting with trembling knees and tousled hair.



This was the still going way to the hut (again easy).


Fascinating situated in color and in absolute tranquility in a rock basin:
Seebensee (1657m)


Seebensee from the other side –
the weather constantly changed between rain, sun and dense fog.


Directly behind the Coburg hut is the Drachensee, also in a fascinating color.


Coburg Cottage – where you can get wonderful Austrian meals:

– Dumpling Soup
– Goulash with dumplings
– roast pork
– bacon bread
– lettuce

and you can spend the night here.





The fog there is impressive. It comes with fast speed and you see nothing.
The fog is not to be underestimated.


The way back we went as normal once-a-year walker.


And now I am very curious about your experiences.

 experience –
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January 20th, 2015

CornerView – walk of my dreams

I have a lot of dreams,
and despite that I do not follow.
Mostly not.
I’ve learned that it mostly turns out differently than I planned.
And since this is very often been the case,
one day I decided
I do not plan any longer.
I dream, and what will be, will be.
Whether I pursue the dream or not.

But I have also learned that when dreams shatter,
then that makes sense.
There is a reason why the dream went away to nothing.
I understand it until later, sometimes and most.





 walk of my dreams –
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January 6th, 2015

CornerView – twinkle

I can only advise you: visit Brittany.
There you can find  wonderful motifes for every topic.

The cobwebs we have discovered in the dunes, in the early morning
when we went for a walk with Frieda.
As the sun rose, the grass sparkled like a sea full of diamonds.





 twinkle –
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January 1st, 2015

Happy New Year – and my favorite cake


2015 – a new year

I give away the old one.
And receive the new one with open arms.
What is in store for me, the new year? What I’m going to demand from it?
I have experienced a milestone birthday last year.
One from which I’m no longer young, but also not too old.
An intermediate.
There is still much to do,
but I know that I no longer manage everything, no longer experience and wipe out
what I’ve done and dreamed at a young age.
Not easy for me.
I admit it.
Time is running fast, and I want it now calling, the life.
I want more of everything.
I want spectacular, adventurous, more exciting,
I want more wealth and more feeling.
I let it go by the last year,
I let it go by my age,
It was not so easy to complete the round number.
For me
And now it is done.

This year I want more,
more photograph for you and with you,
more blogging for you and with you,
more write for you,
more travel and do more things who good for me …
and I want to tell you about it.

And first I give you my favorite cake recipe.
Very fat and very chocolaty … but very, very tasty.

200 g dark chocolate couverture
100 g pine nuts
125 g soft butter
4 eggs
100 g sugar
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
50 g flour
Powdered sugar and cocoa powder to dusting


– allow the chocolate couverture to be liquid in a water bath.
– finely chop the pine nuts
– separate the eggs
– beat the egg whites with a whisk to form a rigid and slightly shiny mass
– stir butter, sugar and  vanilla sugar creamy
– stir the egg yolks
– stir the chocolate couverture spoon by spoon
– add the pine nuts
– ridging egg whites on it
– sprinkle flour over it
– now loosely pull everything with a whisk to each other
– run the mass in the form
– bake the cake about 180 degrees 50 – 60 minutes
– leave to cool on a wire rack
and sprinkle with powdered sugar and cocoa powder