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March 4th, 2015

CornerView – cuddly

by Li+Belle

Our Frieda is a large dog who is just as big cuddly :)






 cuddly –
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11 Comments to “CornerView – cuddly”

  1. Frieda is a beauty and I bet she’s wonderful company!

  2. she found the right home, where she can get plenty of those cuddles!

  3. i would love to snuggle up with frieda!

  4. He does look cuddly!

  5. it really show how she loves to be cuddled. lovely photos :)

  6. There’s nothing like a good dog to cuddle with—looks like you have one. :>) Cute one too.

  7. Loving that pretty face!!!

  8. she is SO beautiful- those eyes! wish I could meet her in person :)

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