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February 25th, 2014

CornerView – experiment

by Li+Belle

I have renovated my flat in recent months.
I have experimented a lot with new flooring here and there,
new wall paint,
new furniture in the rooms,
new design of the rooms …

This is my new kitchen.



I create still new and experiment
where I exactly place something
and which plants are best suited.
The Hyacinthe bring spring in my kitchen.


At the moment I’m thinking hard what to hang over the sofa in my kitchen.
A photo from Brittany?
A photo of Frieda?
Or from Paris?
Old roll film photos?
All I imagine now  I don’t like it tomorrow anymore.
I have no idea.
What would you hang on the empty wall?
Do you have ideas?


 In the new kitchen, I have a lot of fun to experiment with new recipes.
From my friend (the wife of Joseph) who can cook wonderful,
I borrowed cookbooks from Jamie Oliver.
Some recipes I’ve tried. And I ate delicious dishes.
If you have a recipe that I should check – then bring it on.
I cook and photograph it for you.


Since last year I do different smoothies every week.
They are very healthy.
And mostly delicious.
Before I knew what I really like, I had to experiment a lot.
With spinach, with green cucumber and ginger … and much more.
But most of all I like sweet / sour smoothies:
1 handful of berries,
1 banana,
1 orange
100ml yogurt.
Which smoothies do you like?


 And lastly: Frieda. ♥
She experiments with her teeth, which toy tastes best.


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12 Comments to “CornerView – experiment”

  1. Stimmungsvolle Bilder von der schönen neuen Küche….

    … und meine geliebte Couch… Wann ich wohl wieder darauf sitzen darf?

  2. so many different experiments … and great photos. I think it is very difficult too to decide what to put on walls. Hope you get a good idea :)

  3. i have that same Jamie Oliver book (a gift from a friend: a british book on italian food from a danish friend … weird, if you ask me!), which I’ve hardly used, though the fig cake is the best dessert ever!
    as far as your wall … i’m into a minimalist phase, and I like it as it is!

  4. I love your kitchen! So clean and pretty. A great space for doing a lot of cooking! Your Frida looks a lot like my Django, except Django has coffee brown eyebrows. Frida looks like a sweetie!

  5. i don’t think you have to be committed to one photo above the couch. Why don’t you change it up with the seasons?

  6. hahaha…all kind of experiments and than your doggy at the end! Wonderful!
    Your kitchen looks like a great place to do all kind of experiments with food.
    And on the empty wall….maybe a nice photo from yourself?

  7. Das Umdekorier-Experiment hat sich gelohnt! Sehr schön und gemütlich bei Dir.
    Ich würde ein gemaltes Bild über die Couch hängen. Oder eine eher experimentelle Fotografie. Ein bestimmtes Motiv würde mir sonst wohl eher auch zu schnell leid. Aber Du kannst ja jederzeit wechseln, warum nicht?
    Frieda ist es vermutlich egal, was Du aufhängst! ;))

  8. I love your new kitchen! It looks so fresh. I redid mine 5-6 years ago. It’s looking dingy. Maybe it’s time to steal a page from your book and redo my kitchen again!

    My favorite smoothie — 2C almond milk, 1 cup frozen raspberries, 1T raw cocoa, 1/2 an avocado.

  9. My smoothie recipe:
    apple juice, frozen berries and cherries and 1/2 banana
    protein powder
    coconut or flax oil

  10. i’m a sucker for empty walls myself, so i’ll not be the one offering grand ideas. but i am experimenting over at mine with a plank on which i’ll be putting a few frames together. will show it off by sunday, am still screwing and painting at the moment!

    your kitchen looks swell, by the way! n♥

  11. You did a good job, it looks lovely!
    I am buying a little apartment in Amsterdam at the moment so I’m fantasizing about exactly these things :) Have a good weekend over there!

  12. I love the toning of these pictures!

    Greetings to Frieda! :)

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