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January 13th, 2015

CornerView – favorite plate

by Li+Belle

I do not have a favorite plate,
but I have favorite food that belong on a plate.
I love Indian and Italian,
Asian and Mexican.
And I love French food.
I love that food what I do not get every day.
Food that tastes to me like travel and adventure.


When I was in Tours, we visited the market halls.
It was fascinating to me.
I have spotted lots of delicious and a lots of exotic,
and when you ask me,
what I would buy, I would have bought almost all the empty hall.
(especially a lot of cheese)






 favorite plate –
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8 Comments to “CornerView – favorite plate”

  1. Like you, cheeses are what I prefer (with a good wine)…..
    I return two weeks ago to the “Halles”. I bought a fantastic tiny goat cheese. It was a little expensive but really delicious :)

  2. I’m like you, I love all kinds of food and when I walk into a food hall, I never know what too choose.

  3. A cheese plate, yes!

  4. There is nothing better than discovering something new, and food is a product of so much rich culture and tradition!

  5. Yesterday i read this in a bar in a little village : meal without vine is called breakfast
    So love that last picture.
    Love visiting markets when i travel, it is the better place to taste a country

  6. i am just like you in this respect, and love all foreign food. i know many italians who will eat pasta and pizza at italian restaurants when abroad, can you believe it?!
    PS your card arrived yesterday (mailed on december 16!). it made me so very happy to receive it, and i vowed that next year i will definitely do the christmas card thing – please remind me of it in time! :)
    thank you, thank you!

  7. oh yes, the French love [and know] their food. yum :)

  8. i understand your dilemmas. so well. n♥

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