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March 25th, 2015

CornerView – imagination

by Li+Belle

Imagination –
and I can only think of one word: spring.

With each passing day spring comes more and more,
with each passing day it becomes brighter in the morning,
with each passing day the birds chirping happier.
With each passing day I can feel the sun more on the face,
and with each passing day I can smell it more intense:





 imagination –
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13 Comments to “CornerView – imagination”

  1. We’re all waking up from our long winter, aren’t we! Very pretty photos today.

  2. Here in Northern California it has been spring for about a month already. I love the look of blooms in jars, and am an avid collector of the two. Beautiful photography :)

  3. Spring starts (too) slowly here. I like your vase, very nice :)

  4. so no spring no imagination…hahaha…more or less.
    This grey and snowy weather is killing me softly.

  5. Yes – I love how imagination seems to come to like in the spring!

  6. we are in Spring season now, but a rather rainy on windy one. Look forward to warmer days.
    Love your photos :)

  7. Last week the land woke up here in Atlanta. Everything is blooming and the air is filled with the smell of grass. Happy Spring!

  8. this is one case in which i wish i didn’t have to imagine, but i could be right there! where is spring? it’s so cold here!

  9. and there it is too : spring on your pages!! n♥

  10. Yes, spring!!!! ♥

  11. This weekend spring has arrived ! hope it last!!

  12. Such beautiful photos.

  13. wie schoen. ich wollte auch ein paar Zweige fuer die Wohnung, trau mich aber nicht einfach im Park ein paar zu stehlen. wenn das jeder machen wuerde… ugh, manchmal fuehl ich mich wie meine eigene Grossmutter :)

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