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March 18th, 2014

CornerView – in the distance

by Li+Belle


You do not need into the distance,
if you want a short break from everyday life.

Last week we had the theme of travel, and I showed you pictures of our France vacation.
Although France is a neighboring country,
but France is a big country,
and Tours was 1200 km away.

A few weeks ago we visited a friend, but she lives only 2 hours and 230 miles away.
Although we did not travel far, and the visit lasted only three days,
we felt like being on holiday.
It was wonderfully relaxing
and a trip away from it all.

We have considered not only the wine region, but also the city of Würzburg.
A nice town for strolling and shopping,
eating ice cream and
resting on the banks of the river Main.

Do you know Orlando Bloom and Christoph Waltz?
Both were already in the city and there have jointly produced a film.
“The Three Musketeers” from the year 2011.
(In the pictures 7 + 8 is a part, where the movie was filmed).

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9 Comments to “CornerView – in the distance”

  1. yes, i’m totally with you – traveling, and getting away even for just a few days is always a holiday. nice images of a part of the world i don’t know at all, thanks!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I’d love to walk there … especially in the photo 3 !
    Photo 18 made ​​me laugh … 😉
    I would love dinner on the terrace of the picture 23, so lovely…

  3. Such wonderful photos – a magical trip! The castle pics are especially beautiful. That restaurant, or one like it, would definitely be on my list—quaint and fun. :>)
    Even Canada and Mexico aren’t close enough to Ohio for a short jaunt, let alone a European country. You’re fortunate to be able to get-away to a place like France. :>)

  4. even one day of going away can feel as a vacation!
    are those photo’s of Tours? or the place were you friend lives?
    they are amazing and i’m curious now!

  5. What a wonderful getaway! I love discovering new places – one of my favorite things about Corner View :-)

  6. I mostly travel by proxy, so thank you for showing me these photographs! I feel RESTED for having had a glimpse of your part of the world.


  7. why, i feel in holiday mode, just by looking at your most compelling images! n♥

  8. I was here last year around this time -> lovely!!

  9. these are just incredible.

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