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April 1st, 2014

CornerView – Inspiration

by Li+Belle

Spring, Spring, Spring … is my favorite season.
Everything awakened from hibernation.
Nature is full of inspiration, full of beautiful fashion models.





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6 Comments to “CornerView – Inspiration”

  1. absolutely stunning nature photos! make me want to go out with my camera right now!

  2. Ach, den Frühling finde ich auch so toll… Alles erwacht wieder zu bunter Frische.

  3. Oh yes, spring is such an exciting time, I can’t wait until things start coming to life again here. Beautiful photos.

  4. I have some of the same shrubs in the garden.

    Nature is so stoic. Whatever happens, it makes its rounds, not even trying to be beautiful (but obviously it is). That is such a comfort.


  5. YES SPRING!!! I love this time of the year, everything is in blossom, my garden is now at the prettiest!

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