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March 18th, 2015

CornerView – looking up

by Li+Belle

I have already told you that I learn English.
English in Medicine.
English at home.
I read English books, just “Wild” and just “Game Of Thrones“.
I watch English movies and series, just  “Better Call Saul” and “Suits“.
I have the feeling, especially when I read, I understand a lot.
When the English teacher talks to us, then I understand quite well.
And when I watch series, then I understand a half of it (Thank God there are subtitles ;))
But if I am speak, then it’s all over.
Then I can’t think one word, then all records are gone, who were aware of before.
Weird right?


 looking up –
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11 Comments to “CornerView – looking up”

  1. I have the same problem with Spanish. I do much better when listening or reading. Keep on trying!

  2. When we learn a language, it is a stage to be crossed. And to progress, a single way: speak and speak… I think your English is great (better than mine ;))) And I “learn” reading Games of Thrones as well (and watching Dowton Abbey).

  3. The more you talk the better you get! I am the opposite! German I speak much better than I can write and depending on the show and accents is about how much I learn. The accents from the North to South Germany are so different.

  4. Not weird at all :)
    I admire what you do. I would not be able to read an english novel without my (big) dictionary beside me. And I think I would give up because not understanding anything is very tiring, right? …
    You could take English lessons by a French teacher to better understand spoken English with a strong French accent … it could be useful soon !!! 😉

  5. You write it beautifully!

  6. I understand what you are saying.
    it was the same when I tried to learn Thai, and Russian.
    But the rewards of learning a different language – unmeasurable.

  7. tell me about, it’s the same with my French at the moment…

  8. don’t give up! i’ll come to you! keep practicing, and … spend your vacation in the UK :)

  9. looks like you are doing all the right things and suddenly you will feel how much you have progressed :)

  10. I was taking Mandarin for about a year. I found it wasn’t as hard to speak as I imagined it would be though I always struggled with the second tone. However, if I listened to someone? No way. I just could not figure out what they were saying. Maybe a word here and there, but that’s it. And the tone changes the meaning of all of their words, and hearing the tones was really hard for me in conversation.

    I commend you on doing this. And Wild is one of my ALL time favorite books!

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