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November 25th, 2014

CornerView – one color

by Li+Belle

A great photograph is one that fully expresses
what one feels, in the deepest sense,
about what is being photographed.

Ansel Adams


Black /white photography is something I want to dominate.
Because on a black/white picture you limit yourself to the most important, the most necessary.
Too much should not there be, and yet must be able to lose it.


 – one color –
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10 Comments to “CornerView – one color”

  1. I never take black and white pictures, but then I like so much how they turned out! Despite the lack of color, this image is so strong

  2. I love black & white photography too. it requires so much of yourself in the photo. beautiful

  3. Yes black and white photos are amazing and if they are right, so powerful!

  4. I feel that black and white photos are so much more dramatic – esp this one!

  5. true! i should practice with black and white as well.

  6. you’re absolutely right, b&w photography is the epitome of essential balance.

  7. You did great, manage black and white is a real challenge!

  8. capturing adams is a dary one. i like your impression! n♥

  9. lovely job here. i love b&w, too…but I must confess that it is usually an afterthought for me.

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