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March 5th, 2014

CornerView – Renewal

by Li+Belle

I have read a lot the last ten years.
Sometimes almost 60 books a year. My shelf had to always be filled with new material,
I was able to walk past any bookstore without a new book to buy.
My SUB – stack of unread books – grew and grew.

Then, from one day to the other I had no desire to read,
I read hardly, could not concentrate on a book,
and each book was boring after the first few pages.

My diagnosis: a dose too much about what is read .

Last year I took a break , my love of reading regenerate.
And this year I have decided to turn my love of reading again,
to renewed.

Not so many books … there are only a small pocket of unread books and not a whole shelf more,
and also on my e-reader store only a few books waiting to be read.
Just my wish list at amazon is not shrunk.
The persists and grows … because it could be yes … one day.
Who knows?

20140302-DSC_4358061 20140302-DSC_4363061

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9 Comments to “CornerView – Renewal”

  1. i go through reading phases: articles, then novels, then some particular non fiction topic … one genre i’ve never been able to enjoy is short stories! hope you find good books that inspire you this year!
    (sorry for the spam problem !)

  2. I love to read too. But sometimes I don’t read at all … It’s strange. I just got a new book from the library this afternoon. I’m excited to start it.

    What is your favorite book (or books) that you have read in recent years? I love recommendations!!

  3. I have books in house what i will read again and again…
    and for new books i will go to the library.
    but i also have books because they were from my grandfather, i cannot remove them, even if they are kind of old, sometimes reading it again it feels as new!
    i have time to time i hardly ever read and sometimes a lot!

  4. I love to read too and have been known to read as just as many books as you, but in this season of my life I am lucky if I get about 5 books read a year. Someday!

  5. I’m a big reader as well and will admit, I have too many books in my house. One day maybe I’ll be able to thin them out to a more manageable number…but maybe not!

  6. I love to read too, and I have discovered that I don’t feel comfortable not being in the process of reading a book … so I like the idea of a SUB, but not an overwhelming one though :)

  7. Reading is one of my favorite things to do… and I have a lot of SUBS. (Love that expression – I’m stealing it!)

  8. Is there a favourite? : )

  9. I’d love to renew on reading, but it’s slow progress. (Actually, we’re getting rid of many, many books, because if / when we move, we’ll have too many to take with us.)


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