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October 14th, 2014

CornerView – rough

by Li+Belle

… sometimes Brittany looks rough,
full of corners and edges,
stormy weather,
quaint people.
I like that.
A lot.












rough –
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9 Comments to “CornerView – rough”

  1. stunning. I love those long, empty beaches. and the colours. so different than here…

  2. Yes, I like that, too! Great pictures, especially the portrait with Frida :) Both look so full of joy!

  3. Beautiful pictures, especially the one with the tiny flower. :)

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love the contrast with the delicate flower growing through the stones.

  5. and then.. a little flower bursting from all that roughness… n♥

  6. Love that coast. It is so similar to ours. So green and suddenly a cliff and then a beach…love winter beaches…
    I definitely must visit it again. And you know you are invited to come 😉

  7. So eine schöne raue Landschaft! Du musst mir unbedingt mal verraten, wo Du da genau hinfährst!

  8. you take so many wonderful photos of your daughter! love the silhouette one!

  9. Brittany is often called rough area because of the rain and wind. But the roughness doesn’t detract from the beauty of the place! You shot many beautiful pictures!

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