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February 11th, 2014

CornerView – slow

by Li+Belle

Today we take it slow at times. Who is involved?


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14 Comments to “CornerView – slow”

  1. diese Augen!
    ganz herzliche Grüsse!

  2. I still love her beautiful orange eyes…

  3. What sweet eyes! Yes, pets make you take things slower!

  4. So perfectly relaxing. Animals know how to take things slow, don’t they?

  5. true: what once used to be “a dog’s life” is now “human’s life!”

  6. Your pup looks so comfortable. That kind of slow is very enticing. Now I want a nap!

  7. i can only go slow with those amazing looking eyes…..

  8. What a gorgeous dog! I bet she’s not slow all the time though!!

  9. What a beautiful face!! Slow walks – and afternoon naps with him snuggled close – on the weekend with my dog relax me as well.

  10. Beautiful dog!
    I’m in for slow… :)

  11. Oh these eyes! I would give anything to spend a day with your dog, just gorgeous!

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