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October 21st, 2014

CornerView – stranger

by Li+Belle

Last weekend we decided to make a short trip to enjoy the wonderful autumn.
And what lends itself more than the Alps in Bavaria?

I was not born in Bavaria, but I moved here in my youth.
Bavaria is my home.

However, despite the many years it feels like I’m a stranger in Bavaria.
It begins with the language.
Bavarian is a dialect that you – if actual Bavarian is spoken – do not understand readily.
At the first time at the new school was very strange for me.
I understood nothing.
Now after many years I understand the language clearly.
I even think I speak a little bit of Bavarian, or at least a German.

The Bavarians consider themselves to be German, but actually they would like a country in itself.
Encapsulated from Germany, a separate republic.
Or even monarchy, as it want the Bavarian royalists.
The actual Bavarian restrict the Bavarian country also.
The Franconia, which belongs partly to Bavaria, is already the land of Prussia.
For everything above a certain imaginary boundary is not Bavarian but prussian.
Although it still belongs to Bavaria.
Strange, do not you think?

Bavaria is strongly connected with the church.
There are many customs and traditions, I do not know and also do not celebrated.
But I’m very interested.
Even the Bavarian food is partly another, than I was accustomed to as a child.
Roast pork and dumplings, a sour potato salad, apple strudel.

Bavaria is a rich country.
It’s a country in which the children receive a good education.
For example, the Bavarian High School is one of the most difficult schools of Germany
= education is not uniform in Germany.
Bavaria’s conservative, christian and yet so colorful.
Bavarians are often grumpy and have a quirky sense of humor.
And I love it.
Bavaria is a very beautiful country with a different nature.
The highlights include Munich, the subalpine lakes and the Alps.
And a few castles.

The best known is Castle Neuschwanstein in Hohenschwangau.
It is about two hours away from us.
And we also visited it on our short trip.

We thought we walk to the castle, buy tickets and make an English guide
(it is only possible to get into the castle with a guide, and we want to practice English).
We did not expect the masses of tourists that flock on a beautiful autumn to Neuschwanstein.
Four hours would have lasted until the next guide.
We have decided to come back on a cold winter day.

Bavaria is well worth a visit – I can put any to the heart.
But until then … I will show you more of the country in which I live.
Let’s make together a year travel through Bavaria … do you like to do?
And then you will no longer be a stranger.



Castle Neuschwanstein from afar.
And on the first image right beside the mountain called Säuling. (2047 m)
Exactly 20 years ago (madness is not it?), I have climbed this mountain with a group of friends.
We all got to know in our training as a nurse  and are always friends.
Up there I experienced chamois in the wild and celebrated the summit above the clouds.







Top image photographed my daughter.
She stood on the bridge Marie, of which one has a wonderful view of Neuschwanstein Castle.
The bridge was named after Queen Marie and performs on the Pöllatschlucht.
And it is very, very high.


In addition to the Castle Neuschwanstein is only a few kilometers away Castle Hohenschwangau.
The castle was the first one and Bavarian king Ludwig II has there spent his nursery.
Castle Neuschwanstein was built later by Ludwig II.
He wanted to idealize his idea of ​​a knight’s castle from the Middle Ages.


Autumn in Bavaria


This is a typical house with murals from the Bavarian Alps.
Because where I live there is rarely painted houses,
because it depends in what area you are.



Here you can see a typical Bavarian food:
Bratwürstl + Kartoffeln + Sauerkraut (fried sausages with potatoes and sauerkraut)



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  1. same here. I wasn’t born but grew up in Bavaria. it’s not home though. nothing is. it’s a beautiful part of Germany though :)

  2. I have to go in Bavaria! It’s a real fairytale castle lost in the middle of the mountain, beautiful. I love this painted house too, it’s so typical!
    In France, when we imagine a German dish, we think of sauerkraut or sausages ;D and beer of course 😉

  3. Looks and sounds like a lovely place! Let’s schedule a corner view party at your house :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your Bavaria, lovely landscapes and architectures.

  5. Looks AMAZNINGLY gorgeous!! Definitely adding this one to my bucket list.

  6. Is on my list…when we travelled interrail in Germany so many years ago, that area was one we couldn´t visit…so is waiting for us!

  7. WOW!!! Bavaria is on my list seeing this fairy kind of castle!!
    What a great pictures! Were you from original?

    I would love to see your year of pictures of Bavaria!

  8. What an incredibly beautiful place!

  9. very interesting. it is also interesting how the push to globalization and european union haven’t (yet) managed to wipe out all the diversity that has enriched europe in the past.

  10. Wow these are so pretty! I really need to go to Bavaria soon

  11. My in-laws love Bavaria! They go their every fall! I always find it so strange that they go their so often given it is really only a couple hours away from where they live and not much different in scenery. Why not go to Italy. Anyway, such a beautiful place and amazing food!

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