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May 19th, 2015

CornerView – sunshine

by Li+Belle

Actually, I wanted to show you the splendid Amsterdam in the sunshine.
But I didn’t manage to create a blog entry in the last few days.
At least I have downloaded the images already on the PC.
And so I will tell you soon from the trip with Elsa to Amsterdam.

Previously a little Bavarian country air in the sunshine for you.




 – sunshine –
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10 Comments to “CornerView – sunshine”

  1. Wonderful and peaceful light!
    Maybe I will find a photo of Amsterdam with sunshine tomorrow 😉

  2. Wonderful flow of light through the trees. Is that a tombstone? Amsterdam does seem lovely.

  3. Love the mornign light in Germany. I remember when my husband and I were on our honeymoon we woke up really early to drive to Italy. The sun was rising over the fields and in the distance you could see a cute little village an the church steeple. The field was covered in morning fog. It was magical.

  4. Also ich finde ja, die bayerische Landluft ist sowieso besser als die Marihuana-geschwängerte Luft in Amsterdam.
    Schöne, gemütliche Bilder.Perfekt für ein Picknick.

  5. What a beautiful place for one’s “final rest”.

  6. is that a solitary tombstone?
    looking forward to your Amsterdam photos!

  7. That looks like a very special place

  8. what a beautiful place you show me!
    i’m curious to your way of looking to amsterdam!

  9. sehr schoen. ich liebe Kastanienblueten :))))

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