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March 1st, 2015


by Li+Belle

February is a short month,
a dark weather month,
which is slightly lighter at the end.
February is usually not a special month for me,
more of one a quiet.
One who is a bit slow and sometime over.
A few highlights there anyway, and that I want to tell you:

– The first days I lay with a cold in bed

– now I had the feeling that I have to do something for me.
A day or two in a Spa are too expensive,
so I went to a cosmetic shop:
creams for day and night, peelings, ampoules for applying, beauty and relaxation promised me
… and I used them all.

– Among the many winter boots in sale I have also found summer shoes,
which I bought immediately

– I photographed friends and their children.
Or rather, the children of friends, the friends remained more in the background.
Do you know how fun it is to observe small children?
They do funny things, they often have so funny faces and gestures.
What lovely afternoon!

– I had a few days off – at last.

– I started the days off with a visit to a sauna together with my best friend.
This is something new for me, and I had doubts whether I like it.
But it was not as bad as I thought.
My favorite sauna  was 55 Grad hot and smelled deliciously of a mixture of mint and apple.
And when I left the sauna, I was happy and relaxed.

– After the sauna I was at the Sushi House in Regensburg with myfriends (did I mention that I really like sushi?)

– The other day I had breakfast at Cafe Lila in Regensburg with my daughter.
Here you can order many different breakfast:
German, Bavarian (white sausages with sweet mustard),
French (which my daughter ate and there was a lot of good cheese),
Scandinavian, English, cowboy breakfast, champagne breakfast or
American (which I ate. It was delicious with fried ham, egg, Cornflake with maple syrup, toast and jam)

– I bought tickets to an opera in April – yeah!

– Since the end of February I visit an English course … ( I told you that I am a nurse?)
and the hospital where I work, provides for the staff a course in English medicine
(and the reality is – to my great horror – I can not speak English!)

– I have seen my favorite author … one of the best writers out there … live at a reading.
The reading was in a beautiful room (with large chandeliers and columns) in the theater in Regensburg:
TC Boyle.
Do you know him? If not, you have to read it. Absolutely!
I recommend “water music”.

– Yesterday at the last day of February friends visited me. We cooked spaghetti carbonara. Delicious!
And played two games I always lost. Not my day! 😉

– I saw several movies this month, because I just logged into netflix. You know netflix?
I do not count all of the films that would be too much,
but I’ve seen two love stories and they were brilliant:
Und nebenbei das große Glück (Un bonheur n’arrive jamais seul) = a French film
Hannas Reise = German film

– I have seen the serie “Fargo“, a production of the Coen brothers.
The name Coen says all, I think. They are awesome.
The dialogues are razor sharp and full of pointe,
the action for some abstruse, but unique. And the actors are great.

– Then I was  in cinema on friday for the highly acclaimed film: American sniper by Clint Eastwood.
Clint Eastwood directing credits are always worth seeing and impressive. He knows his craft.


And now:
How was your February? What have you read, seen and done in this month?


4 Comments to “February”

  1. looks and sounds like a good month all in all. I call it helluary. the last true month of winter. and I’m so ready for spring :)

  2. of course you can speak english! though I imagine the kind of english you need in your profession isn’t the colloquial one … good luck with your course, it’s a fabulous opportunity! (just make sure you apply plenty of our creams and lotions beforehand – they may help! :))

  3. Sounds like a good month with a good mixture of activity and relaxation! ♥

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