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May 31st, 2015

Goodby May and Hello June …

by Li+Belle

May has been a month, which I was very delighted and went by very fast.
But is a law of nature:
everything is good passes quickly, everything is barren takes long.

The highlight of the month: the birthday of my daughter.
I’ll tell you, she was given tickets for a concert in Munich in October.
and I think it was the best thing I could give her.


Another highlight was our trip to Amsterdam.
We met there with Elsa and her family
(soon I will show you pictures)
and enjoyed four wonderful days.
We strolled through the city every day.
Amsterdam has so much to see,
so many people,
so many smells
and so many little streets and cafes.
We saw Rembrandt – what a gifted painter.
We ate Asian in the Asian district,
frozen yogurt with fruit,
crepes with Nutella,
chocolate cake,
and I drank a wonderfully exotic tasting smoothie with celery and beetroot.
(I can tell you, I was the only one who liked it).
We stayed in a quiet residential area in a wonderful, cozy apartment,
which we found on Airbnb.
We chatted a lot and laughed a lot.
It was a wonderful trip!

now part of everyday life:
– I had four photoshoots with a couple, with friends and with their background music,
and with children, which are so funny to watch them
– Breakfast with friends
– I had a week’s vacation in which I brush a lot
– I finished my English course for the time and I hope it will be continued in September

what I read:
CouchSurfing in Iran (very interesting and informative and a courageous man!)

 what I saw:
Mädchen im Eis (the film is a little crazy, sometimes amusing and with an easy open end)

– new episodes of the Outlander
– Season two of Game of Thrones

and I saw: The killing
– It was very, very exciting. sometimes very scary.
something successful I have not seen.
The four seasons I have seen at top speed.

How was your Mai? And what will happen to you in June?



6 Comments to “Goodby May and Hello June …”

  1. sounds like a great month :) my may was great too. lots [like lots!!!!] of travelling, and lots [like lots!!!!] of picnics with friends. June, I hope, will be even better. it’s my birthday month and I plan on celebrating every day :)

  2. Beautiful pictures ♥

  3. Sounds like a wonderful month! (And don’t you just love Jamie Fraser?!?)

  4. Now I want to see all of Madchen im Eis! Sounds like you may was very busy! I also bought myy son his first ticket to a concert for his birthday. We are going in July! He is so excited! Have a great week!

  5. what a great month and lovely photos to illustrate. look forward to seeing Amsterdam though your lens.

  6. alles ok bei dir? ich hoffe du geniesst den sommer in vollen zuegen :)

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