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May 3rd, 2015

Goodby to April

by Li+Belle

Hello dear ones!
Today is the third of May and it’s time for a brief review of the April.

First, I have to tell you that last week was very exciting for me.
My site and  the blog were moved from the provider.
To an another, better storage system.
Unfortunately, I understand nothing of all.
The site move went well,
except for a few thumbnails that I had to renew,
there was nothing to fault.
But the blog had disappeared.
And the provider told me that I should something and somewhere copy and renew.
What the hell!
I was very lucky in my misfortune.
My friend Josef has a friend who knows about computers …
and it only took a few minutes, and  the blog was already restored.


Enough of joy. Here’s a quick review of my April:

– At the beginning of the month there was a gregarious and fun meeting
with my colleagues in a restaurant in Ratisbon.
The name is Meier … and they have very tasty dinner.
my appetizer: wild garlic soup
my main dish: chicken with beans and noodles
my dessert: chocolate mousse with strawberries

– At Easter, I visited my parents.
We ate duck with dumplings and beans.
Also great!

– Last weekend I met a friend
and I walked with her through the wonderful, fresh green forest.
In the evening we ate delicious steamed vegetables with fresh baguette, a salad,
and homemade raspberry ice.

Now you have the impression that I eat throughout :)

-In April, I had also vacation for a week.
I didn’t do much except read, learn English and watch series.

– And if I had to go back to work,
I lay in bed with fever and a violent cold.
For a whole week!

What I read:
Jojo Moyes “Me before you” -> sad, going to the heart, but nothing profound
– The first book of the series “Game of Thrones” ->it was very exciting.
I read it in English, so it was easily written.

What I saw:
– The Magic Flute in the Theatre of Ratisbon -> a great, remarkable scenery
The first season of Game of Thrones (after reading the book, I wanted to see the series) …
very well made and played. The costumes are brilliant. The series are close to the book.
Bloodline -> something of awesome!
A family who every person has secrets, first small, then it will get bigger
and eventually destroy the whole family. It starts slowly, but always you feel,
now then something happens … bad things.
And it gets more exciting from episode to episode … so much tension!
I could not stop to watch at the end.
And the background – Florida – is one of the most beautiful area – I have to see one day.

But now tell me, how was your month?


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  1. sounds like a good month. and the magic flute… reminds me that I haven’t been to the opera in too long. happy May xoxo

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