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February 1st, 2015


by Li+Belle

January is, with its thirty-one days, a long month.
It is also the beginning of a new year,
it is often the calm before the storm,
or the breath after last year.

How was my January? I will tell you.

– I spent a Saturday  at Ikea, and learned
never go to Ikea on a Saturday during the school holidays.

– I was with my daughter in a tattoo shop because she get a belly button piercing.

– I met with friends, ate a good dinner and played a game.
We had hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream at dessert. (great!)

– I was with a other friend for a long walk, during which I lost my mobile phone and found it on happy way again.
Then I ate the first time delicious fennel orange salad.

– After my vacation I got a new boss.

– I was at the vet with Frieda to the annual vaccination.
Imagine such a big dog and trembles with fear when she’s at the vet.
Although it there something painful has never happened!

– My car was for review and during I had Asian food with a friend
and stroll through some furniture stores.

– I saw the last season of the series Sons of Anarchy.
And I am very sad.
Do you know that?
Many seasons accompany the protagonists,
which is as it would be to the family, as if you were friends.
You can experience adventure, you are sad, happy and laughing with them.
And when they leave, then there is a farewell pain one first has to digest.

– I also looked the fourth season of Homeland. God is not the last, thanks!
(I have already told you that I’m on spy films?)

– I read this month two books (too little): Rebecca Johns “Icebergs” (I like it)
and the agent thriller “Der Schwimmer” (great and very exciting!)

– I saw a movie (in December): “Einer nach dem anderen
(original: Kraftidioten) (very great film!)

– And I saw a french film “Ein Mordsteam” (De l’autre côté du périph)
(I have rarely laughed so much)

– There was snow, and was quickly gone. And it snowed again and thawed.

Also, January is the month in which I often think about the desire vacations in the current year:

– Amsterdam with Elsa and her family in May
– Summer in Aquitaine
– Two firmly planned weekend in the Alps with friends

That sounds good, right? So happy to start the year … and go on.

How was your January?


7 Comments to “January”

  1. Danke fuer deine Januar Momente! Meine ziehen jetzt gerade durch meine Gedanken :) hab einen feinen Sonntag *

  2. My january was pretty nice until the end of the month – i returned from holidays, went to paris with my company and then at the end of the month, my dog passed away :( he was pretty old, but it was sad nonetheless. Glad January is over

  3. there are endings … but also exciting new beginnings, like a new boss! how interesting to learn this! :)
    love this post, and the piercing way (no pun) you capture the essentials, in words and images.

  4. January was a mess. that’s all I’m going to say about it.

  5. so nice to have plans for the year … watched the first 3 seasons of Homeland and only until recently found out it was continuing. don´t think I can convince my husband to watch it with me … he was so happy when we finished season 3 :/

  6. That was a great month!!!

  7. Lovely January….
    Aquitanea in Summer???? Where??? I live closed…tell me more and I could recomend you something….

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